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Leasing Information

Leasing Information


The airport has 80 t-hangars grouped into three categories based on their amenities:

  Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Years built 1963-65 1972-80 1994
Hangar Address 3316, 3317 3351, 3353, 3354, 3355 3352, 3356
Lease cost $200/mo $250/mo $290/mo
Door width 40 ft. 6 in. 40 ft. 3 in. 40 ft. 6 in.
Electricity Yes Yes No
Floor type Concrete/gravel Asphalt Asphalt
Door type Sliding Bi-fold Sliding
Doors face North/South East/West East/West

Click on the link in the right column to view a PDF with the complete hangar dimensions.

The current wait for a t-hangar is approximately two years.  To have your name added to the no-fee waiting list, call Airport Administration at 303-441-3108 or email [email protected]

NOTE: Use of hangars is limited to aviation use only in accordance with federal regulations. Hangars will not be rented for vehicle maintenance, storage of household goods, etc.


If you are interested in leasing a tie-down, contact Journeys Aviation at 303-449-4210 for a spot on the eastern half of the parking ramp, or Specialty Flight Training at 303-530-0550 for a spot on the western half of the ramp. The price is $40 per month.

Overnight tie-down charges range from $5-8, but be sure to ask about specials and discounts.

Executive/Maintenance Hangars

There are several maintenance and executive hangars on the airport, although currently none are vacant or coming available. The price per square foot is based on the following average:

  • Hangar or unfinished areas: $3.58 - $3.75 /sq. ft. annually
  • Office (finished) areas: $5.97 - $6.57/sq. ft. annually

Office Space

The airport currently has office space available as a sub-tenant.  Contact Airport Administration at 303-441-3108 for more information.

Glider Tie-downs

Contact Mile High Gliding at 303-527-1122 for information on leasing a tie-down spot for your unpacked glider or glider trailer. The packed (trailer) price is $45 per month. The price for an unpacked parking spot varies based on the size of parcel.

Land Rental Rates

  • Unimproved land on north side: $0.156/ sq. ft.
  • Improved land on south side: $0.416 / sq. ft.


The prices are adjusted periodically to account for changes in the market and cost of living (consumer price index). For additional information about renting a hangar or office space, call Airport Administration at 303-441-3108.

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Aircraft Noise

The BMA has a voluntary noise abatement program. Noise abatement procedures are designed to minimize the level of aircraft noise.

Leasing Information

The airport has 80 t-hangars grouped into three categories based on their amenities. To check availability, call Airport Administration.

Business Directory

Boulder Municipal Airport is a General Aviation airport and does not have commercial airline service.

Facility Specifications

Boulder Municipal Airport Facility Specifications. Includes FAA Identifier, Airport Operations, Airport Communications and Runway Info.

Airport Traffic Pattern

General Approach and Landing, Departure, and Pattern Procedures - Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only.

Airport Master Plan

The goals and vision outlined in the Airport Master Plan attempt to provide a safe, self-sufficient and community-oriented general aviation

Airport Day

Airport Day is a free family event on Father's Day weekend every other year featuring a variety of gliders, helicopters and other aircraft.

Boulder Municipal Airport

Boulder Municipal Airport provides private, business, recreational and emergency services to the City of Boulder and surrounding community.

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