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Next Landmarks Board Meeting

Next Landmarks Board Meeting

The Landmarks Board meets monthly to review applications for demolition, landmark designation, and Landmark Alteration Certificates. Visit the About the Landmarks Board page for more information. 

Landmarks Board Meeting
Thursday, July 18 2019 at 6 p.m.
1777 Broadway, Municipal Building, Council Chambers

1.  Call to Order

2. Approval of minutes from the May 22, 2019 and June 5, 2019 meetings

3. Public Participation for Non-Public Hearing Items

4. Discussion of Landmark Alteration, Demolition Applications issued and pending
• Statistical Report for June

5. Public Hearings

A. Public hearing and consideration of a proposal to install flush roof mounted 8.64 kW Photo-voltaic system on a portion of the historic roof and on the roof of an addition of a contributing house at 920 Mapleton Avenue in the Mapleton Hill Historic District pursuant to Section 9-11-18 B.R.C. 1981 (HIS2019-00046). Owner: Casey Gallagher / Applicant: Whitney Owen, Namaste Solar

B. ITEM WITHDRAWN Public hearing and consideration of a proposal to construct a 3,140 sq. ft. addition to the rear of a 939 sq. ft. contributing house constructed in 1941 and located at 612 Spruce Street in the Mapleton Hill Historic District, pursuant to Section 9-11-18 B.R.C. 1981 (HIS2019-00131). Owner: Tom Keller / Applicant: Steven Perce, bldg.collective
6. Matters from the Landmarks Board, Planning Department, and City Attorney
• Update Memo
• Subcommittee Updates

7. Debrief Meeting / Calendar Check

8. Adjournment


Board members who will be present are:
Fran Sheets, Chair
Abby Daniels
John Decker, Vice Chair
William Jellick
Ronnie Pelusio
Sarah Silver and/or Lupita Montoya * Planning Board representative without a vote
The Landmarks Board is constituted under the Landmarks Presentation Ordinance (Ordinance No. 4721; Title 9, Chapter 11, Boulder Revised Code, 1981) to designate landmarks and historic districts, and to review and approve applications for Landmark Alteration Certificates on such buildings or in such districts. 

Public hearing items will be conducted in the following manner:

1. Board members will explain all ex-parte contacts they may have had regarding the item.*
2. Those who wish to address the issue (including the applicant, staff members and public) are sworn in.
3. A historic preservation staff person will present a recommendation to the board.
4. Board members will ask any questions to historic preservation staff.
5. The applicant will have a maximum of 10 minutes to make a presentation or comments to the board.
6. The public hearing provides any member of the public three minutes within which to make comments and ask questions of the applicant, staff and board members.
7. After the public hearing is closed, there is discussion by board members, during which the chair of the meeting may permit board questions to and answers from the staff, the applicant, or the public.
8. Board members will vote on the matter; an affirmative vote of at least three members of the board is required for approval. The motion will state: Findings and Conclusions.
* Ex-parte contacts are communications regarding the item under consideration that a board member may have had with someone prior to the meeting.

All City of Boulder board meetings are digitally recorded and are available from the Central Records office at (303) 441-3043. A full audio transcript of the Landmarks Board meeting becomes available on the city of Boulder website approximately ten days after a meeting. Action minutes are also prepared by a staff person and are available approximately one month after a meeting.

2019 Landmarks Board Meeting Dates and Application Submittal Deadlines 

Deadline   LB Meeting Date
Dec. 5   January 2
Jan. 10   February 4 
Feb. 7   March 6 
March 7  April 3 
April 4  May 1 
May 9   June 5
June 6  July 3- Cancelled, and rescheduled to July 18
July 10  August 7
Aug. 8   September 4
Sept. 5  October 2
Oct. 10  November 6
Nov. 7   December 4 
Dec. 5  January 8