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Landmarks Design Review Committee (Ldrc) Agenda

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Landmarks Board Members: Abby Daniels and Bill Jellick
Historic Preservation Staff: Marcy Cameron

All meetings are open to the public for observation.


Landmarks Alteration Certificate:
9:00 a.m.   
Address: 1918 13th St.
Individual Landmark:  James Building
Case #:  HIS2019-00104
Owner / Applicant:  Dave Bacon, WW Reynolds / Aldo Sebben, Studio Architecture
Request:  Alteration to west facade of the James Building to enclose a vestibule to return it to historic condition.

9:30 a.m.   
Address:  1236 Canyon Blvd.
Individual Landmark:  Glen Huntington Bandshell
Case #:  HIS2019-00107
Owner / Applicant:  City of Boulder / Dennis Warrington, Parks & Rec. Manager
Request:  Install flagstone walkway where a path in turf has been created from foot traffic.

10:00 a.m.   
Address:  655 Arapahoe Ave.
Individual Landmark:  Lennartz House
Case #:  HIS2019-00111
Owner / Applicant:  Cynthia Pagano
Request:  Request to install a landscaping curb located 18 inches from sidewalk, and a 3-foot ornamental fence.

10:30 a.m.   
Address:  2424 4th St.
Historic District:  Mapleton Hill, non-contributing
Case #:  HIS2019-00113
Owner / Applicant:  Rebecca Trafton
Request:  Install storm windows to match existing window size, trim, and paint color.

Demolition Review Application:
11:00 a.m. 
Address:  2404 Bluff St.
Case #:  HIS2019-00106
Owner / Applicant:  Nathaniel Farber
Request:  After-the-fact review of a partial demolition (removal of stucco on a street-facing wall) and proposed removal of wood shakes on street-facing walls of a house constructed c.1910.

State Tax Credit:
11:30 a.m.
Address:  12 Chautauqua Park
Historic District:  Chautauqua Park, contributing
Case #:  HIS2019-00114
Owner / Applicant:  Baker Duncan / Renee Golobic
Request:  State Tax Credit, Part I

                                                                                               --- DRAFT AGENDA ---

About the Ldrc 

The Landmarks Design Review Committee (Ldrc) is comprised of two members of the Landmarks Board and one Historic Preservation Planner. The Ldrc typically meets every Wednesday morning (except holidays) at the Planning and Development Services Center at 1739 Broadway Street, 3rd floor, Olmsted Conference room, Boulder, Colorado 80302.  

Additional information on the review processes is available online:

  • Design Review: All exterior changes to an individual landmark or a property located in a historic district requires review and approval through a Landmark Alteration Certificate (LAC) to ensure the changes are compatible with the historic character of the landmarked site. The changes must meet the Design Guidelines The Ldrc can either approval an application, request revisions, or refer the application to the Landmarks Board for review in a public hearing.
  • Demolition Review: Demolition permit applications for non-designated buildings constructed before 1940 are reviewed by the Ldrc to prevent the loss of potentially significant buildings. The Ldrc determines whether a building is potentially eligible for landmark designation and can either approve the demolition permit or refer the application to the Landmarks Board for review in a public hearing.