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Boulder Junction Commissions Meeting

Boulder Junction Access District (BJAD)
Joint Commission – Parking and TDM Meeting
Boulder Junction Access District (BJAD) – TDM Meeting
Boulder Junction Access District (BJAD) – Parking Meeting

Monday, April 15, 2019
4 – 6 p.m.

Broadway Conference Room, 1777 Broadway



BJAD Joint Commission Meeting
• Roll Call BJAD-TDM and BJAD-Parking
• Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest
• Approve March 13, 2019 Minutes
• Public Comment
• Matters from Staff
     o 2019 Community Vitality Work Plan Priorities – Good Governance, Engagement, Customer Service
     o Meeting Frequency – Cris Jones
             Motion Language:
             Motion to support a potential Council resolution modifying the meeting frequency of the BJAD Joint Commission from monthly to bimonthly beginning May 15, 2019.
     o Budget Planning and Fund Health – Mark Woulf
          Improved budget process overview
          Revised fund financials
          PILOT agreement approach
         Policy issues for 2020 Budget
         Question: Does the BJAD Joint Commission support staff’s approach in developing the BJAD-TDM and BJAD-P 2020 Budget proposal?
     o BJAD Eco Pass Printer
     o Staff Follow-Up Items
      BJAD 2019 Goals
      30 Pearl Call for Offers
      HOP Route Changes
      eGo Car Share spaces
• Upcoming Meetings
     o May – 2020 Budget Follow-up and Citywide Retail Study Initial Findings
     o June – Parking & Access Initiatives Update
     o Possible Joint meeting with DMC about connectivity

BJAD TDM Commission Meeting
• Convene as BJAD TDM Commission
• Matters from TDM Commissioners
• Adjourn as TDM Commission

BJAD Parking Commission Meeting
• Convene as BJAD Parking Commission
• Matters from Parking Commissioners
• Adjourn as BJAD Parking Commission