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Downtown Management Commission Meeting


April 9, 2019

4 - 6 p.m.

1500 Pearl Street, Suite 302



• Roll Call
• Welcome for Susan Connelly - Interim ED of Downtown Boulder Partnership and update from Susan
• Appreciation and Farewell to Sean Maher, outgoing CEO of the DBP
• Approval of the March 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes
• Public Participation
• Police Update – Greg Lefebre
• Matters from Commissioners
     • Officer Elections
• Matters from Staff
     • Meeting Frequency – Yvette Bowden

Motion Language:

Motion to support a potential Council resolution modifying the meeting frequency of the Downtown Management Commission from monthly to bimonthly beginning May 14, 2019.

     • Civic Use Pad - Draft Agreement - Yvette Bowden
     - requesting motion supporting this item as it moves forward for 4/23 Council consideration.

Motion Language:

Consideration of a motion supporting staff’s recommendation that Council authorize the City Manager to enter into the Management Operating Agreement between the City of Boulder, CAGID and St Julien Partners concerning the Civic Use Pad

     • Budget and Fund Health – Mark Woulf
          • CAGID Fund health, trends and projections
          • Issues impact CAGID (near term)
                i. Rising cost of staff and evolving technology - Living wage and Minimum Wage adjustments
               ii. Capital infrastructure project prioritization
               iii. Consideration of products to maximize revenues and expand service reach
     • Cost-constrained Approach in developing 2020 Budget proposal

Question: Does DMC support staff's approach in developing the CAGID 2020 Budget proposal?

    • Hill Hotel –brief update and likely next steps – Yvette Bowden

Question: Does DMC support staff's provision of the revised proposal for Council consideration?

     • April 10 DBP Meeting Rep Confirmation – Lane Landrith
     • Staff Follow-Up Items
            • Alpine Balsam Retailers Input – Lane Landrith
            • Union Station Uber and Lyft Charging Program – Lane Landrith
            • Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations – Cris Jones
            • Upcoming Meetings
                      • May – Citywide Retail Study Initial Findings
                      • June – Access
                      • Joint meeting with BJAD about connectivity?