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Open Space Board of Trustees Meeting

Open Space Board of Trustees

Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) meetings are recorded by Channel 8 when held in Boulder City Council Chambers. You can watch archived videos of the meetings at any time or watch a live stream of a meeting while it is in progress on Channel 8's website. Please note, when meetings are not held in the Council Chambers, audio recording is still taken. Once available, those can be found under past meeting materials.

Watch the Apr. 22, 2020 OSBT meeting - Part I and Apr. 22, 2010 OSBT meeting - Part II

Watch the May 13, 2020 OSBT meeting.

Watch the June 3, 2020 OSBT meeting.

Watch the July 8, 2020 OSBT meeting.

Watch the Aug. 12, 2020 OSBT meeting.


RETREAT: September 23 at 9:00 am

This retreat will be held remotely. Members from the public are welcome to attend, but there will be no public participation. Link to join the retreat will be posted when available. 

(Please note that times are approximate.)

I. (9:00) Opening Remarks

II. (9:05) Topic Area #1: Board and staff roles and responsibilities; Board and staff
relations and communications; OSBT meetings-- process & efficiencies
Supporting Documents:

A. Board/Staff/Council Role Matrix
B. OSBT Charter
C. Board Rules of Procedure (with non-contextual updates included)
D. Roberts Rules of Order
E. 2020 Board and Commission Orientation Memo
F. Guiding Principles for Interactions Among Council, Boards, and City Staff

(10:15) BREAK

III. (10:20) Topic Area #2: Telling the Master Plan Implementation Story Through Aligning
OSMP’s Budget and Workplan with Master Plan Priorities Supporting Documents:

A. OSMP Master Plan (focus on Chapters 3 & 4); Link to Master Plan
B. OSMP CIP Budget Memo
C. OSMP Operating Budget Memo

IV. (11:50) Closing Remarks

Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00 pm

This meeting will be held remotely. Link to join meeting, as well as the meeting agenda, will be posted when available.

Speaking at Open Space Board of Trustees Meetings

Open Space Board of Trustees meetings are being held virtually. These meetings are still open to the public, and you are welcome to speak to the Board about Open Space issues or any public hearing items that may be on the agenda that evening. 


It is the City of Boulder's practice to provide more notice than is required by law whenever possible. However, this practice shall not be used to invalidate any action taken with the minimum notice required by state law.