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Open Space Board of Trustees Meeting

Open Space Board of Trustees

Open Space Board of Trustees meetings are recorded by Channel 8 when held in Boulder City Council Chambers. You can watch archived videos of the meetings at any time or watch a live stream of a meeting while it is in progress on Channel 8's website. Please note, when meetings are not held in the Council Chambers, audio recording is still taken. Once available, those can be found under past meeting materials.

Watch the Apr. 22, 2020 Open Space Board of Trustees meeting - Part I and Apr. 22, 2010 OSBT meeting - Part II

Watch the May 13, 2020 Open Space Board of Trustees meeting.

Watch the June 3, 2020 Open Space Board of Trustees meeting.


Wednesday, July 8 at 6:00 pm

This meeting will be held remotely. Join the meeting online. Or dial by phone: 1-669-900-6833, meeting ID: 928 5485 5522.

(Please note that times are approximate.)

I. (6:05) Approval of Minutes

II. (6:10) Public Comment for Items not Identified for Public Hearing

Sign up to speak for Items not Identified for Public Hearing

III. (6:30) * Request for a recommendation that City Council approve the acceptance of a donation of approximately 0.30 acres of land and all appurtenances, located at 2675 3rd St. in Boulder, Colorado from John Eric Janson and Elizabeth Barrow-Janson for Open Space and Mountain Parks purposes

Sign up to speak on Janson Land Donation

IV. (7:15) Matters from the Department

A. Update on Draft 2021 Operating Budget
B. Management Review of OSMP Irrigated Agricultural Lands
Overlapping with Prairie Dogs
C. Covid-19 Recovery Update

V. (8:30) Matters from the Board

A. Greenways Advisory Committee (GAC) Update
B. Update on South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation Project:

• Council Action on June 16 Concerning Upstream Analysis
• Confirm OSBT’s Combined and Sorted Recommendations to
Council on the South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation Project

VI. (9:15) Adjourn

Written Information:

A. Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan mid-term update
B. Process for Considering License and Disposal Requests Involving Open Space
C. Quantify parking at OSMP-managed trailheads project update
D. Rule Prohibiting Entering or Occupying the Area Surrounding the Boulder Star on
Flagstaff Mountain
E. Public Participation and Engagement Update – 3rd Quarter 2020

* Public Hearing

Speaking at Open Space Board of Trustees Meetings

Open Space Board of Trustees meetings are being held virtually. These meetings are still open to the public, and you are welcome to speak to the Board about Open Space issues or any public hearing items that may be on the agenda that evening. Links to sign up to speak ahead of the meeting are available in the above agenda.  


It is the City of Boulder's practice to provide more notice than is required by law whenever possible. However, this practice shall not be used to invalidate any action taken with the minimum notice required by state law.