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Next Open Space Board of Trustees Meeting (Televised)

Next Open Space Board of Trustees Meeting (Televised)

Open Space Board of Trustees

Open Space Board of Trustees meetings are now being recorded by Channel 8. You can watch archived videos of the meetings at any time or watch a live stream of a meeting while it is in progress on Channel 8's website.

Wednesday, January 11 at 6 pm
City Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway

(Please note that times are approximate.)

6:00 I. Approval of Minutes

6:05 II. *Public Participation for Items Not Identified for Public Hearing

6:15 III. Matters from the Department

A. Prairie Dog Working Group Update
B. Boulder Creek Restoration Update

6:35 IV. Matters from the Board

6:55 V. Adjournment

* Public Hearing


7:00 **Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan – Open Space – Other Designation Changes

I. Land Use Designation Change 311 Mapleton Avenue: Academy on Mapleton Hill
II. CU South Land Use Designation

9:00 Study Sessions Ends

**The study session is open to the public but there will be no public hearing.


It is the City of Boulder's practice to provide more notice than is required by law whenever possible. However, this practice shall not be used to invalidate any action taken with the minimum notice required by state law.

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