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West End Improvements

West Pearl Streetscape Improvements

West Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsMap of West Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape ImprovementsWest Pearl Streetscape Improvements

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Public improvements to the West End of Pearl Street between 7th and 11th streets, including the 9th and 10th street intersections, are scheduled to be completed by spring 2015. Visit for the latest construction and traffic impacts.

Access to adjacent businesses will be maintained at all times and a sidewalk on one side of Pearl Street will always remain open. Contractors will coordinate all sidewalk work with West End business owners and managers.

Public Improvements to the West Pearl Streetscape

• A pedestrian crossing and curb extensions at the intersection of 10th and Pearl streets.
• A curb extension at the southwest corner of the intersection of 9th and Pearl streets.
• Wider sidewalks for improved pedestrian movement and additional patio seating.
• Kiosks and (directional totems pdf) to establish a sense of place on the West End.
• New bus stops on eastbound and westbound Pearl Street.
• New street trees, grates and irrigation systems.
• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalk access improvements.
• Sidewalk amenities, decorative brick installations, and pedestrian enhancements.

Private Development Projects

Pearl West (Former Daily Camera Building) - 1048 Pearl St. / 1023 Walnut St.

This project involves redevelopment of the former Daily Camera building at 11th Street between Pearl and Walnut streets, including demolition of existing buildings and then excavation and construction of a two-level, below-grade parking structure, commercial building, and community plaza. Work began in May 2014 and is scheduled to take about 22 months to complete.

Demolition and shoring were completed in mid-October 2014, and excavation and dirt hauling operations were completed in January 2015.

Pearl West Live Stream Video & Panorama Image

901 Pearl St.

This project will construct a new building with a first-floor restaurant and second- and third-floor residences. Work began in April 2014 and is scheduled to be completed in spring 2015.

909 Walnut St.

This project will construct a new three-story office building on a currently vacant lot. Work began in August 2014 and is scheduled to take about nine months to complete.

Other Private Development Projects in Downtown Boulder

  • 815 Pearl St.
  • 900 Walnut St. (Civic Use Pad)
  • 1301 Walnut St.
  • 1401 Walnut St.
  • 1707 Walnut St.
  • 1738 Pearl St.
  • 1750 14th St. (The James)
  • 1881 9th St.

For more information, view the Map of Development Review Projects or contact Edward Stafford at 303-441-4276.

Mitigating Construction Impacts and Supporting West End Businesses

Recognizing that these construction projects affect the business community, residents and visitors, coordinated efforts are currently underway to mitigate the impacts and support West End businesses.

Business Meetings and Information

Through November 2014, City of Boulder staff met with developers, contractors and business owners on the first Friday of each month. City staff provided updates and discussed current plans and activities. Individual meetings with business owners have also been held on a regular basis and will continue to be offered throughout the construction of these projects. 

Downtown Boulder, Inc. (DBI) is maintaining as a portal to additional links and resources.  

Phased Construction

The city is phasing all of the construction projects to help minimize overall impacts. The West Pearl Streetscape Improvements were bid and phased to the have the contractor start at the east end and proceed west block-by-block.

As these projects progress through different phases of construction, the city will continue to evaluate and mitigate impacts and proactively respond to community concerns. 

Pedestrian and Business Access Plan

One priority is to maintain pedestrian movement and access to all businesses throughout construction of these projects. Each private development project is required to submit a traffic plan for any street or sidewalk closures. City staff reviews these plans to help minimize community impacts, ensure public safety, and allow reasonable construction access.

The West Pearl Streetscape Improvements pdf require the contractor to maintain access to business at all times and construction has been phased to ensure pedestrian access.

The 901 Pearl St. project was allowed to have a sidewalk closure along Pearl Street during the demolition phase. A temporary pedestrian path adjacent to this site has been established to serve pedestrians during the remainder of construction.

The Pearl West project has developed a traffic control plan pdf that allows for a temporary pedestrian walkway along the south side of Pearl Street. During construction, a covered walkway is also planned for the pedestrian walkway at 10th Street between the Lawry Lane alley and Pearl Street. During the demolition and excavation, the sidewalk along the west side of 11th Street between the Lawry Lane alley and Pearl Street will be closed to allow for safe truck access.

Lawry Lane Alley Management Plan

To minimize truck traffic along Pearl Street during construction of the Peal West and 909 Walnut St. projects, much of the truck traffic will be routed through the Lawry Lane alley that connects 9th and 11th streets between Pearl and Walnut streets. The Lawry Lane alley is closed to parking, standing, and loading from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and construction traffic is limited to 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Traffic Management Plan

A traffic control plan was also created to manage access, exit routes and loading zones. The staging areas for Pearl West have been set up outside of the downtown to help manage the expected truck traffic required during the demolition and excavation phases of construction.

Temporary loading zones pdf have been created along Walnut, 9th, and Pearl streets to allow loading from 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. daily.

Support for West End Businesses

The city is working closely with Downtown Boulder, Inc. (DBI) and the Pearl West developer (Nichols Partnership) to promote West End businesses. Parking Services is providing coupons for parking discounts that West End businesses can share with their patrons. Through August 2014, city and DBI partnered to provide funding for a Wild West End Wednesdays marketing campaign to highlight West End businesses, including signs indicating that the businesses are open during construction.

View a map and list of West End businesses.

Email Updates

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Pearl West

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Private Developments

Edward Stafford
City of Boulder - Planning & Development Services

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