This dashboard report is an at-a-glance informational resource on utilization and performance of the new adult homeless services system launched Oct. 1, 2017. The new countywide system is focused on housing outcomes, with coordinated entry as a gateway to services. Although the adult homeless services system is a countywide effort, this dashboard primarily targets services and outcomes within the City of Boulder. For countywide information, visit Homeless Solutions for Boulder County. More information on terms and services featured in the dashboard is available through hovering over text and graphics, and at the bottom of this page. For more information on homelessness programs and strategies, visit

Coordinated Entry: Coordinated entry is the first stop and a key element of the adult homeless service system included in the goals for the City of Boulder Homelessness Strategy. Coordinated entry is a national best practice and has been implemented countywide with standardized procedures. All homeless adults seeking services enter through a limited number of community entry points, where they are assessed with common screening tools and matched with appropriate service and housing paths. In Boulder, coordinated entry is located at 2691 30th Street. More information on countywide coordinated entry

Housing-Focused Shelter: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is providing housing-focused shelter (HFS) in the new system. HFS is year-round, ongoing shelter for moderate- and high-need people that are longer-term local residents unable to resolve their housing crisis without significant support. These residents are screened through the coordinated entry system before acceptance into HFS. HFS participants stay in shelter, with support to develop a housing plan, until permanently housed at other locations. HFS replaces the previous lottery system where people with various needs entered on a night-by-night basis without screening, assessment or ongoing programming. This change is based on national best practices and policy to effectively address homelessness, stabilize residents with the most need, get them into housing more quickly, and reduce demand on overall emergency systems.

Path to Home Navigation Services: Navigation services are intended to eliminate or reduce time in local homelessness services for lower-need persons that may be able to resolve their housing crisis with limited short-term assistance. Overnight shelter is available for up to 50 adults with navigation plans. The navigation concept is based on the national best practice known as diversion. Bridge House provides navigation services in the City of Boulder through its Path to Home Navigation (PTHN) program. People enter PTHN via coordinated entry referral.

Severe Weather Shelter for Single Adults: Severe Weather Shelter, operated by Bridge House at rotating faith-based locations, is supplemental shelter open when the following weather conditions are predicted:

  • National Weather Service (NWS) warning or watch for winter weather, winter storm, blizzard, cold/wind chill, extreme cold/wind chill, heavy snow, ice storm; OR
  • NWS predicts a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below; OR
  • NWS predicts a temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit or below with precipitation predicted.

Current information on severe weather shelter openings

Increase exits from homelessness in the City of Boulder. Exits from homelessness is a core goal within the City of Boulder's Homelessness Strategy.

Exits from homelessness have been tracked since the new adult system began on Oct. 1, 2017. Exits will continue to be tracked to assess their impact from program demand, seasonal trends and available resources.

This data is provided by the City of Boulder's Housing and Human Services Department. This page will be updated monthly.

The countywide system is focused on housing outcomes, with Coordinated Entry as a gateway to services. This dashboard primarily targets services and outcomes within the City of Boulder. For countywide information, visit Homeless Solutions for Boulder County. Hover over text and graphics for more information