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Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement


Social media engagement is defined as the number of times users interacted with a post generated by the City of Boulder on Facebook and Twitter. This includes likes, comments, shares, link clicks and any other interaction with the post. Post views, also know as impressions, is the number of times any content from the City of Boulder account entered a person's screen.


Maintain or increase in engagement levels on Twitter as compared to the previous year. No goal is currently set for Facebook engagement as the city is waiting to determine the impacts of the social network’s 2018 changes to its algorithm , which prioritizes content from people over organizations in News Feeds.


The City of Boulder is committed to using new and traditional communication platforms to connect with residents, businesses and visitors. The city uses social media to share important information, encourage public engagement, build a sense of community and answer questions from the public. Although the city utilizes a variety of different social networks, Facebook and Twitter are currently the city’s most active accounts. These platforms are an important tool to engage the community and, most critically, communicate information in the event of an emergency.


The City of Boulder’s tweets generated 282,000 engagements in 2017. The city’s tweets generated 96,000 engagements in Q1 2018, putting Boulder on pace to surpass its annual goal for growth. The city’s Facebook posts generated 359,000 engagements in 2017. The city’s tweets generated 57,000 engagements in Q1 2018. Boulder anticipates it will see lower engagement in 2018 than the prior year due to changes to the Facebook algorithm used to deliver content to users. The city’s tweets were viewed 9.9 million times and Facebook posts seen 4.3 million times in 2017. Boulder is on pace to surpass that number for Twitter and fall short of that number for Facebook in 2018.

About the Data : This data is provided by the City of Boulder's Communication Department. This page will be updated quarterly.