Check out the dashboard below to view up-to-date data on severe traffic crashes in Boulder. The city collects and evaluates this data to measure our progress toward reaching Vision Zero, which is our community goal to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries in Boulder.

Explore types of traffic crashes in Boulder, the share of crashes involving vulnerable users, and information on how data helps our strategies for eliminating traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries.

Learn more about Vision Zero.

Fatality: Resulting in death.

Serious Injury: An injury that is evidently incapacitating. Such injuries may include severe lacerations, broken bones, internal injuries or any injury that requires transportation to a hospital for treatment.

Severe Crash: A crash resulting in either a serious injury or fatality.

Vision Zero: The goal to eliminate traffic crashes that result in serious injuries or fatalities.

A comprehensive analysis of transportation safety data trends can be found in the Vision Zero Safe Streets Report.

The crash data presented in the dashboard comes from the City of Boulder’s Transportation & Mobility Department database, which is derived from the Police Department’s Record Management System. Officer-reported crash data is collected when a police officer completes a Colorado State Traffic Accident Report form.

Data disclaimer: The information contained in these databases is updated periodically and may change over time.

These data are provided by the City of Boulder's Public Works - Transportation Division in collaboration with the Boulder Police Department. This page will be updated annually.

Vision Zero Safe Streets Dashboard