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A Boulder View

A Boulder View

A Boulder View

A Boulder View - August 2017

1. Boulder City Council Member Sam Weaver 2. Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax with Jamie Harkins

A Boulder View - July 2017

1. City Council Member Mary Young. 2. Economic Impacts of the Art's and Culture Sector on Boulder.

A Boulder View - May 22, 2017

1. Boulder's Community Survey with Jan Burton 2. Boulder's Homelessness Service Changes with Karen Rahn

A Boulder View- April 2017

1. Broadband in Boulder 2. Open Open Space Mountain Parks Trail Closures and construction.

A Boulder View- January, 2017

First segment, a conversation with Mayor Suzanne Jones about how Boulder works to affect public policy decisions at the regional, state and federal level. This includes policies on a range of issues…from the environment…to transportation, public safety…and other needs that require inter-governmental cooperation to achieve important community goals. Second segment, a discussion on Boulder’s unique and precious urban canopy…and how the city manages tree cover…especially in a fast growing city as ours.

A Boulder View- November, 2016

Boulder's Civic Spaces Policy advisor Carl Castillo talks to Boulder’s Chief Urban Designer Jim Robertson about what a civic space is… why its important…some of the main civic spaces in Boulder… and what the future may hold for these areas. In the second segment, the focus in on one particular amenity Boulder is working on for further development… a year-round public market.

A Boulder View- October, 2016

Pearl Street Mall and University Hill

A Boulder View- July 2016

A discussion about volunteer opportunities with Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. For more "A Boulder View" visit

A Boulder View- June 2016

For more A Boulder View go to

A Boulder View- April 2016

A conversation with former mayor of Jalapa, Nicaragua: Orlando Zeledon. English followed by Spanish. For more "A Boulder View" visit

A Boulder View- March 2016

Boulder Council Member Jan Burton followed by Boulder Civic Area progress. For more "A Boulder View" visit

A Boulder View- January 2016

Boulder Council Member Aaron Brockett followed by parking changes in downtown Boulder with Molly Winter, City of Boulder Executive Director of Community Vitality.

A Boulder View- December, 2015

Boulder Council Member Bob Yates and Short-Term Rental Regulations with City Attorney Tom Carr

A Boulder View- November, 2015

1. Boulder Council Members Macon Cowles & George Karakehian 2. Jonathan Koehn, Regional Sustainability Coordinator, City of Boulder

A Boulder View- CU in Boulder

Guests: Frances Draper, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Relations, University of Colorado Boulder and Mary Ann Mahoney, Executive Director, Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau

Boulder's Early Pioneers

A recount of the founding and settlement of Boulder highlighting some of the key people involved.

A Boulder View- Local Food

This video is about local food in Boulder, Colorado. Originally aired July 2013.

A Boulder View- Community Resilience

May 2015 Marcus Moench Greg Guibert

A Boulder View- April 2015

Community Engagement in a WiFi World

A Boulder View- March 2015

Interviews with City of Boulder Council Member Lisa Morzel and Code for America Fellow Becky Boone

A Boulder View- February 2015

Interviews with Intercamio and Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

A Boulder View- December 2014

Conversation with BVSD Superintendent Bruce Messinger and Centaurus High School student Caio Gajdys about the Boulder Valley School District Capital Improvement Bond (Measure 3A). Also Bob Yates about The Community, Culture, and Safety tax (Measure 2A). The measures were recently approved by Boulder Voters.

A Boulder View- November 2014

Conversation with EPA Region 8 Administrator Shaun McGrath. Also City of Boulder Senior Planner Jay Sugnet about housing issues in Boulder, Colorado.