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City Council Video Player and Archive

City Council Video Player and Archive

Past Meetings

It is possible to watch City Council and board/commission meetings with a variety of browsers. Recently, we've experienced issues accessing these videos with Google Chrome. This is due to a recent change by Google that affects how their system interfaces with this content. We have prepared some instructions that tell you how to adjust your settings in Chrome pdf so these videos will once again load properly. We hope this information is helpful!

Boulder City Council Video Player

Boulder City Council meetings will be streamed live on this website as they happen. The live stream is only available when the meeting is in progress, not before the meeting begins. Check the event item below the "Upcoming Events" header and watch for the "In Progress" note that lets you know a live stream is in progress.

A link called "Watch Now" will take you to the video player window where you can watch the meeting live in progress. After the meeting, the live stream will go offline; however, archived meetings will appear very soon afterward below the "Archived Videos" header. Just use the "Video" link to watch any meeting from the list.

You may also access printable materials for these meetings. Agendas for these Council Meetings are located on the Agendas page.

Agendas for Study Sessions are located on the Study Sessions page.

Streams of the meetings are posted by end of business on the following workday. In an event of technical problems, messages will be posted here with details concerning availability.

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