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Licensing and Permitting

Licensing and Permitting

Select the following links from the "Licensing and Permitting" menu

Rental Licenses: Application, inspections, landlord-tenant information

Short-Term Rental LicenseAs of November 2015, all Boulder homeowners renting out property for less than 30 days are required to submit and be approved for a Short-Term Rental License Application pdf

Building Permits: Required for certain types of construction

Business License: Required for any business operating in Boulder

Events and Rentals: Information on city approval for events, request for police services, and special event liquor permits for non-profits

Filming in Boulder: Boulder is a beautiful backdrop for your movie or show

Industrial Pretreatment (IPT) Program (Waste Water Permits): Determine if you need a permit to discharge to the city's sanitary sewer system

Liquor License: A liquor license is needed to sell alcohol, directly or indirectly, or to serve alcohol to the general public.

Tax and Licensing Division:

  • Business License/Sales Use Tax: A business/ sales tax license is needed to do business in Boulder
  • Miscellaneous Business Licenses: Auctions, circus/carnivals, door-to-door sales, secondhand dealers, liquor, mobile food vehicles, second hand dealers, and marijuana business.

Planning & Development Services:

  • Contractor Licensing: Applications, testing, requirements, licensing exams

Tax License Forms and Applications