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Current Plan

BVCP Update homepage


Current Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

The 2020 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Mid-Term Update was recently adopted. The mid-term update, a routine process to ensure the BVCP incorporates recent area plans and current maps, took place in 2020. The mid-term update reviews progress made against objectives identified in the last major plan update, provides an opportunity for the public to request changes to the plan that do not involve significant city and county resources and makes minor additions or clarifications to the policy section. Mid-term changes include updates to the land use and planning area maps, as well as policy and text changes. 

 City Council Memo for Adoption of 2020 BVCP Mid-Term Update 

Updates include:

  1. Properties in the area described as Phase 2A of the Transit Village Area Plan along 30th Street and Valmont Road: Change to Mixed Use Business.   Read the staff report  .

  2. Alpine-Balsam City-Owned Properties: Change to Mixed Use Business and High Density Residential.  Read the staff report  .

  3. 1345 S. Broadway / Mt. Hope Church: No change.  Read the staff report  .

  4. 6500 Odell Place: Change to High Density Residential.  Read the staff report  .

  5. 3015-3055 47  th  St.: Change to Transitional Business.  Read the staff report  .

  6. Hillside Road: Correct errors and change portions of parcels to Low Density Residential and Public.  Read the staff report  .

  7. Minor Adjustments to the Service Area to reflect the 2016 voter approved Blue Line, including Area I, II, III Map changes from Area III-Rural Reservation to Area II and Land Use designation assignment in of Low Density Residential for select properties.  Read the staff report  .

  8. Service Area Contraction to reflect the 2016 voter approved Blue Line including Area I, II, III Map changes from Area I to Area III – Annex and Area II to Area III – Rural Preservation for city Open Space and Mountain Parks properties.  Read the staff report  .

  9. Land Use changes for recently acquired city Open Space properties.  Read the staff report  .

  10. Policy and Text changes to reflect adopted policies and plans since the last update.  Read the staff report .


2015 Major Update

The 2015 update to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan pdf ( BVCP) was adopted in 2017 along with the 2017 Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). pdf Focus areas of the update include:                                                                          
  1. Housing Affordability and Diversity
  2. Growth – Balance of Future Jobs and Housing 
  3. Design Quality and Placemaking
  4. Resilience and Climate Commitment
  5. Subcommunities and Area Planning
  6. Arts and Culture
  7. Small Local Business

More information:

Summary of Key Changes pdf

BVCP Indicators pdf

Action Plan pdf

2020 Update Documents

Adopted Plan 

Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan pdf

Maps and Images:

Trail Map pdf

Area I,II, III Map pdf

Land Use Map pdf

Natural Ecosystems pdf




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