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2018 Retail and Revenue Strategy


As Boulder and its economy are experiencing a time of accelerated change, the 2018 budget includes funding for evaluation of citywide business sustainability priorities. This effort will build upon the results of the downtown retail/vibrancy study (anticipated completion: early 2018) and will inform specific strategies and tactics and associated resource needs. The evaluation and identification of opportunities and recommendations will occur in collaboration with the city’s economic vitality partners including the Boulder Chamber/Boulder Economic Council, the Small Business Development Center, the Latino Chamber, the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau, the University of Colorado Boulder, Downtown Boulder Partnership and other stakeholders, resources and the community. The exact scope of work will be determined following completion of the downtown retail/vibrancy study that will evaluate relevant demographic trends in the trade area and the competitive market along with identification of industry trends.  

Status and Next Steps

The project with be an interdepartmental effort between Community Vitality, Finance and the City Manager’s Office. The project scoping will be informed by the results of the downtown retail/vibrancy study.

Council Action

  • Second Quarter 2018 - Staff will seek council feedback


For further information, contact Yvette Bowden, Director, Community Vitality, [email protected],  303-413-7215.

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