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Community Cultural Plan

Community Cultural Plan


The Department of Library and Arts, Office of Art and Cultural Services is now managing a comprehensive planning effort to set community priorities and government strategies for culture and the creative economy. This community-wide effort will gather feedback from city staff, creative professionals, and Boulder residents to answer these questions:

  • What is the community’s vision for culture and the creative industries in nine years?
  • What strategies and tools can the City of Boulder provide to accomplish that vision in three-year increments?
  • What elements and programs should be included in a series of one-year, functional work plans to prioritize those strategies and tools?

The project is divided into seven stages:

  • Plan to Plan (complete);
  • Public Inquiry (complete);
  • Research (complete);
  • Drafting (complete);
  • Testing Ideas (complete);
  • Updates to Boards and Commissions and Council Action (Second to Fourth Quarter, 2015); and
  • Implementation and Communication (January 2016 and beyond).

More information can be found on the Office of Art and Culture website. 

Status and Potential Next Steps

In 2014, the staff completed the initial phases, including a robust public inquiry program entitled "The Culture Kitchen." The process included outreach and online engagement that reached more than 2000 people.  Staff received excellent and thoughtful feedback which was then examined through a research phase.  In April 2015, the team hosted a series of “Taste Test” events in which the community was able to discuss and comment on the preliminary concepts that were derived from the public engagement process.

City Council reviewed the draft Community Cultural Plan in a May 26 Study Session.  An engagement process with several Boards and Commissions, the Community Cultural Plan Steering Committee, and the public is now underway and will continue through July 2015.

The final drafting of the Community Cultural Plan will continue through the Third Quarter of 2015.

More information can be found at Office of Art and Culture website. 

Council Action
Council action on the adoption of the Community Cultural Plan is anticipated for the Fourth Quarter of 2015.