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2021 Council Action Guide

Welcome to the City of Boulder's 2020-2021 major priorities and key council actions dashboard where we track performance towards our priorities. Below is an at-a-glance look at our major priorities and key council actions and their current performance. 


South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation/University of Colorado South Annexation

Project to protect city and county residents from future flooding through flood mitigation. 

Key Council Actions:  Establish an annexation framework, including a plan and schedule; select a project concept and level of flood protection 

  • COVID-19 impacts on work : None

On Track  

Vision Zero

The bold goal to eliminate all severe traffic crashes involving people using all modes of travel. 

Key Council Action:  Residential Speed Limit Review

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  Low

On Track  

Police Oversight

Council made police oversight a priority as a result of community demand for improvement in civilian oversight of the Boulder Police Department. 

Key Council Action:  Implement Police Oversight

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  Low

On Track  

Responsibly Governed

Advancing Racial Equity

The City of Boulder's partnerships with community groups, organizations and individuals committed to advance racial equity in Boulder.  

Key Council Action:  Adopt Racial Equity Plan

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  Low

On Track  


Community Benefits Phase II

The community benefits program will include a suite of regulations and incentives that tie specific community benefits to requests for additional development rights. 

Key Council Action:  Adopt Phase II Community Benefits & Site Review Criteria 

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  Low

On Track  

East Boulder Subcommunity

The East Boulder Subcommunity Plan will set the stage for evolution and innovation in East Boulder to achieve citywide goals and celebrate the subcommunity’s unique identity. 

Key Council Action:  Adopt a subcommunity plan for East Boulder 

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  High

Off Track  

Use Tables and Standards - Phase II 

The project seeks to bring the Use Table and Standards into greater alignment with the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan policies to enable desired development outcomes. 

Key Council Action:  Adopt Phase II of Use Tables & Standards Revisions

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  Low

On Track  


Expanding housing opportunities and homelessness prevention initiatives, maximizing system and client efficiency, expanding information about homelessness, and creating safe public spaces. 

Key Council Action:  Evaluate complementary approaches to the Homeless Strategy that further housing, diversion and supportive services

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  High

On Track  


The city adopted a goal that 15% of all housing be permanently affordable to low- and moderate-income households. 

Key Council Actions  Implement Middle Income Down Payment Program (On Hold); Adopt ordinances related to Manufactured Housing Strategy

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  High

On Track   

Good Governance 

Financial Strategy Study Committee

Several council members proposed a focused examination on the city’s long-term financial strategy and applying a racial equity lens to the various financial processes.  

Key Council Action:  Launch Financial Strategy Committee

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  None

On Track  

Environmentally Sustainable

Boulder Electric Utility Development

Provide Boulder residents, businesses and institutions with electricity that is clean, reliable and competitively priced while allowing for more local control and reinvestment into the community. 

Key Council Action:  Boulder Electric Utility Development

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  High

Off Track  

Climate Mobilization Action Plan

A community-based process to update the community climate action plan, focusing on five major action areas: energy, ecosystems, circular economy, land use, and financial systems. 

Key Council Actions:  Adopt Climate Mobilization Action Plan

  • COVID-19 impacts on work :  Medium

Off Track