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Council Member Lisa Morzel

In November 2015, Lisa Morzel was elected to her fifth four-year term on Boulder City Council, running as she has since 1995 as “A Voice for Boulder.” She was first elected in 1995 to Boulder City Council and ran on a platform of representative and good transparent governance, slow growth policies that fully engage the community, strong environmental policies whose goals are to reduce our carbon and other environmental impacts on the Earth, safer transportation options and connections for the pedestrian and bicyclist, smarter and reasonable affordable housing, and a strong fiscal budget with ample emergency reserves. She has stayed this course in all her terms on council.

Lisa has been a consistent voice on the Council since 1995. She served from 1995-2003, rested four years and returned tan, rested, and ready in 2007 and has served continuously on council since then.  From Lisa’s perspective, it has been an absolute honor to represent the residents of Boulder, help resolve their problems and contribute to shaping the future of Boulder.

Since 1995, some of Lisa’s primary accomplishments include:


  • Kyoto Protocol
  • Energy
    • Starting in 1997, as part of the council environmental subcommittee, began investigating municipalization of the city’s electric utility
    • Green points residential
    • Green points – commercial industrial 2015
  • Zero Waste program
    • Residential goals
    • Acquisition of 6400 Arapahoe 10-acre site
  • Pesticides, herbicides
    • integrated pest management
    • City ban of neonecitinoids on city property
  • Open Space
    • Acquired more than 20,000 acres on OSMP while on council
    • Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

Housing and Planning

  • Increased density, increased affordability and skinny residential streets small units Iris Hollow
  • Co-founder of North Boulder Coalition
  • North Boulder Subcommunity Plan adopted 1995
  • Passed first cooperative housing ordinance in 1999; improved slightly provisions in the owner-occupied accessory unit and accessory dwelling unit ordinance in 1999
  • Inclusionary housing: in 2000, goal set for 10 percent permanent affordable housing in Boulder by 2020; currently (2015) at 8-plus percent permanent affordable housing.
  • Establishing a fund for legal counsel for residents of Boulder Meadows Mobile Home Park Community in 2001
  • Firm urban boundary maintained; in-fill development encouraged
  • Two mobile home owners’ bills of rights (statewide 2009) and city (2015)
  • Advocated for city hiring of neighborhood liaison
  • North Boulder store front library as first step to planning, design, and construction of north Boulder library


  • SKIP service implemented
  • The first and last mile
  • Greenways, bikes lanes and bike paths
  • Crosswalks — put pedestrian first
  • Ped/bike connections throughout north Boulder

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Budget: In 1996, started with a reserve budget of less than 2 percent; in 2016, our general fund reserve will be 16 percent, putting the city in a strong fiscal position

Lisa has three incredible sons, all born and raised in Boulder, and now living in Boulder and Denver.  With Jan Morzel, Lisa designed and built the first structural adobe house in the city of Boulder where they raised their children at $29/sq ft. The house is highly energy efficient, solar powered and low maintenance. Lisa has maintained an organic garden and fruit orchard for the past 30 years.

Lisa was raised in Kansas City, Mo. as one of six siblings. Her educational background is:

  • BS, Geology, University of Missouri-Kansas City;
  • MS, Geology (igneous petrology, rock magnetism), University of Colorado;
  • PhD, Geology and Geophysics (physical volcanology), University of Hawaii.

Lisa has worked at the US Geological Survey as a research geologist for 37 years and is currently scientist emeritus working with the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory.

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Business Address Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302
Home Address 2155 Poplar Ave., Boulder, CO 80304
Phone 303-815-6723
Email [email protected]
Elected Nov. 3, 2015
Term Expires Nov. 19, 2019
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