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Energy Codes Update


Staff will be presenting key amendments to the residential and commercial energy codes for City Council consideration in early 2017. Staff has initially presented some preliminary information at a study session in July 2016. Key amendments associated with the proposal relate to increased plumbing fixture water efficiency within structures, replacing the Green Building Green Points program with a residential energy code that achieves the same results but is easier to understand, and streamlining the prescriptive portion of the commercial energy code. Staff is also proposing the addition of electric vehicle charging stations for both commercial and residential structures.

Status and Next Steps 

Relative to the city’s fleet, staff continues to implement recommendations of the April 2015 Southwest Energy Efficiency Project’s report on Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Adoption Assessment, which was commissioned by the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and the University of Colorado. Two rounds have been completed on a group purchase program for electric cars, solar pV systems for homes, and electric bikes. Due to the success of this program, it has been replicated in many other cities. The city has received approval to proceed with the installation of five new dual-head charging stations, partially funded by Charge Ahead Colorado, to promote more workplace charging. Additional grant funds are also being sought to fund electric buses for mass transit.

Staff presented the proposed changes to City Council in a study session held on Aug. 9, 2016. Staff also presented to the Environmental Advisory and Landmarks boards. On Dec. 15, 2016 staff will present to Planning Board and ask for a recommendation. In 2017, the proposed ordinance will be brought to City Council for consideration of adoption.

Council Action

  • First Quarter 2017 – first and second reading and public hearing of proposed ordinance.

Contact Information

Dave Thacker, Building Services Manager/Chief Building Official, 303-441-4189, [email protected].

Joe Castro, Facilities and Fleet Manager, 303-441-3163, [email protected].

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