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Subcommunity Planning


In 2018, at council’s direction, the Comprehensive Planning team began work to re-establish a subcommunity planning program, a localized planning effort to address a range of issues and opportunities and to implement the goals of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP).  The key features of the program currently are being developed to create an engaging and efficient planning process. The first subcommunity plan is anticipated to kick off in Q1 of 2019.

2018 Milestones 

  • Hired a senior planner to manage program.
  • Established an internal working group to collaborate across departments.
  • Identified six foundational elements of the program to provide clarity and consistency across future subcommunity planning efforts and deliverables: (1) Definitions; (2) Boundaries; (3) Prioritization Criteria (4) Scope and Deliverables (5) Schedule and Phasing (6) Community Engagement.
  • Completed study sessions with Council and Planning Board and presented update to the Housing Advisory Board.

2019 Planned Actions 

  • Q1:  Council Study Session to:
    • Resolve all foundational elements; and
    • Identify first subcommunity to receive planning services.
  • Subcommunity plan kick-off meeting.
  • Complete subcommunity plan inventory and analysis.
  • Identify alternative scenarios for subcommunity futures and opportunity sites.
  • Select a preferred subcommunity scenario.

Planned Actions Beyond 2019

  • Complete, adopt, and publish first subcommunity plan.
  • Select second subcommunity to receive planning services.
  • Second subcommunity plan kick-off meeting.
  • Complete subcommunity plan inventory and analysis.

Anticipated Council Action

Q1: Council Study Session to: 

  • Resolve all foundational elements; and 
  • Identify first subcommunity to receive planning services 

Project website: To be operational 4th quarter 2018

Contact Information 

Kathleen King, Senior Planner, 303-441-1898, [email protected]