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2014 Community Survey Results

2014 Community Survey Results

The 2014 Community Survey represents the tenth in a series of surveys conducted periodically by the city, with the first administered in 1987. The survey gives the city an opportunity to measure performance over time by tracking resident evaluations of the community and city service delivery. It allows residents to provide feedback on the quality of life in the city and ideas on how to improve it. 

Letter from City Manager Brautigam

Dear Boulder community members,

We are pleased to present to the community the results from the recent Community Survey. The responses indicate that residents continue to rate the quality of life very highly in our community. Most people rate their neighborhoods positively, give high marks to the city’s parks, recreation facilities, bike and pedestrian facilities and open space, and consider Boulder a good place to work. People’s feelings of safety are higher in many categories than in past surveys however safety around flooding has changed significantly.

The survey questions were developed to ask about topics most relevant to the daily lives of Boulder residents and that would be of the greatest long-term use to the Boulder City Council and city staff as we consider city goals and priorities, plans for the future and the city’s financial health.

The 2014 Community Survey is the tenth in a series of such surveys conducted since 1987. It provides information from a representative cross section of Boulder residents which has been carefully gathered, analyzed and checked to assure a sample that is most representative of the entire community.

We appreciate the responses given by those who participated in the survey. We hope that you will find these results interesting and useful. Finally, we encourage and admire your involvement and contributions to making Boulder a better community and place to live. Individual efforts do make the difference!

Jane S. Brautigam
City Manager

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