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City of Boulder Special Events

City of Boulder Special Events

The City of Boulder is currently under the statewide Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors Order . This allows for limited public gatherings with appropriate social distancing and precautions. All City of Boulder Special Event Applications must comply with related state and county guidance.

City of Boulder Special Event Applications must provide a written COVID-19 PLAN in accordance with the statewide  Outdoor Events Guidance .  A complete COVID-19 PLAN must specifically address how the event organizer will facilitate and maintain public health requirements for venues, vendors, employees/volunteers, performers/competitors and hosts/attendees.  

A complete COVID-19 PLAN must also use the Social Distancing Calculator to determine the maximum occupancy of the proposed public space.  Countywide  Guidance for Special Events  limits participation up to a maximum of 175 people. This is subject to change based future recommendations and/or requirements from city, county, state or government authorities.

The City of Boulder Office of Special Events will continue to work with all city, county, state and CDC authorities to make coordinated decisions and provide regular updates to event organizers with pending special event applications.

Boulder County Safer At Home requirement and restrictions on public gatherings

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment information about COVID-19

The City of Boulder is proud to host a variety of Special Events that contribute to the social, economic and environmental health and well-being of our community.

Do I need a Special Event Permit?

A special event permit is required for all planned and promoted public activities conducted on public property that meet any of the following criteria:

  • When the expected number of participants and spectators totals 50 or more people; and/or
  • When using tents, structures and/or sound amplification; and/or
  • When providing, selling or distributing alcohol and/or food to the public; and/or
  • When using public right of ways (e.g., city streets, multi-use paths and sidewalks), and/or impacting vehicle, bike or bus traffic.

Examples: Parades, athletic events, bike and foot races, street fairs, arts shows and festivals.

Advocacy activities do not require a special event permit. Please see the Special Event Guide pdf for more information.

Special Event Guide

When planning a special event in Boulder, the Special Events Guide pdf is an essential tool for event organizers navigating the permitting process to clarify deadline and requirements.

Please review the Special Events Guide pdf prior to developing a special event concept and submitting a Special Event Application.

Special Event Permit Application

After developing a special event concept, submit a Special Event Permit Application request with  requirements specified in the Special Event Guide. Submitting a Special Event Application does NOT reserve, hold or guarantee dates or venues, nor imply any approval of the proposed concept or event.

Once submitted, a city representative will respond within 10 business days and serve as your point of contact for processing the application, facilitating pending requirements and issuing the special event permit. 

Additional Permits, Requirements and Information

Additional City of Boulder permits or information may be required based on the size, scope and capacity of the special event, or if the event includes or offers any of the following items: