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Communication From City Manager to City Council

Communication From City Manager to City Council

The city manager periodically sends communications to council via email in the form of Heads Up!  alerts about timely issues that require brief communications.

Frequently, these communications cover topics that are about to receive media coverage, giving some background information in the event that a council member may receive calls from a reporter or simply as a courtesy so council members know in advance of a media story.

This type of communication is reserved for instances where a Information Packet memo is not possible due to required turn-around time.

These communications are not sent to council on a regularly-scheduled basis. Rather, they are sent on an as-needed basis as determined by the city manager.

Please note: Heads Up alerts transferred from the city's old web system are not in chronological order, so you may need to scroll through the list to find what you are looking for. New postings after the website launch will appear in reverse chronological order to make it easier to locate information.

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Heads Ups

Heads Up! - Feb. 9, 2018

Update on Snow and Ice Control Program, South Boulder Creek Mitigation and East Arapahoe Transportation Plan.

Heads Up! - Feb. 1, 2018

Update on Downtown Boulder Station Study, New Appointment System for Planning and Development Services, and New Land Management and Permitting Software System.

Heads Up! - Jan. 26, 2017

Status of the Boulder Public Library master plan, upgrades to the city's radio infrastructure, Transportation Report and an update on Occupancy Enforcement

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