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Film Permit Application

General Requirements

  • Approved film permits and all other permits, licenses and plans must be on site and available during the entire event.
  • No banners or signs in or alongside the public right-of-way (streets, sidewalks), or placed across roadways.
  • No person shall drive a motor vehicle within or upon any part of a park, parkway, recreation area, or open space except on designated roadways or parking areas. 
  • Destruction, damage or removal of any vegetation or defacement of park property is prohibited.
  • No impeding pedestrian access on sidewalks or traffic on multi-use paths.
  • All cords must be properly grounded and covered, and rated for outdoor use. All tents/canopies must be securely grounded and secured and have been inspected and permitted, if applicable.
  • No parking in any area other than designated parking areas.
  • Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to proposed shoot date for processing.

COVID Terms & Conditions:

  • Abide by maximum group size limits at each facility and maintain 6 feet of distance from others outside of your household.
  • While face covering requirements are no longer in place, it is still recommended that visitors wear face coverings when it’s not possible to maintain 6 feet of social distance, such as passing others on a narrow trail or at bathrooms.
  • Stationary activity and lingering should not occur outside of designated staging areas. Make sure to maintain 6 feet of distance from other groups.
  • OSMP strongly recommends that everyone takes extra caution in regard to using PPE (i.e. wear gloves and use hand sanitizer).
  • All visitors should take extra precaution when using the restrooms and outhouses on OSMP lands. Though OSMP staff go to extra effort to provide safe, sanitary facilities, it is wise to bring extra sanitizing supplies or to plan ahead to not use them.
  • OSMP also strongly recommends traveling separately as much as possible i.e. carpooling only with members of the same household.

Amplification: All amplification will remain in compliance with the City of Boulder's noise ordinances. If complaints are received, the volume will be turned down, even if the volume is in compliance with the allowed sound level.

Drone regulations

Insurance Requirements: Naming the "City of Boulder and its officials and employees" as additional insured in a general liability insurance policy with a combined single limit of $1 million per occurrence and a $2 million aggregate. Detailed insurance instructions are as follows:

Insurance Area City streets, sidewalks, Pearl St. Mall and City parks City Open Space Trails
Fax 720-564-2072
Certificate Holder City of Boulder and its officials and employees
1777 Broadway (Risk)
Boulder CO 80302
City of Boulder and its officials and employees
Attn: Permit Administrator
City of Boulder OSMP
2520 55th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
Description Area of Insurance Rider The City of Boulder and its officials and employees are named as additional insured on general liability for (name the event, the location, and date. The City of Boulder and its officials and employees are named as additional insured.


Damage Deposit: To be determined by individual departments.

Signage Requirements: When filming in public places, the permittee will place signs in conspicuous locations around the filming area to inform people that filming is in progress, unless filming on City Open Space where signs are prohibited.

Filming Organized Activities: The permittee will not film in city park areas of organized activities, including without limitation: soccer, softball, baseball, or Ultimate Frisbee events within city parks.

Organized Activity Priority: Any other scheduled event on public property shall have priority over the permission granted under this permit

City Manager Requests: The permittee will comply with all requests of the City Manager, including police and fire officials to stop filming or avoid specified areas, if in the discretion of such officials, it is the city's interest to make such a request.

Releases and Consent Forms: The permittee agrees to obtain releases or consent from any person that is to be filmed.

Compliance with Permit: The permittee will comply with all of the representations made in the "Application to film in Boulder" that do not conflict the general requirements of this permit.

Determining your Filming Area

City parks

City open space trails