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Mary Ann Weideman

Deputy City Manager, Mary Ann Weideman

Deputy City Manager

Mary Ann Weideman is the interim director of Public Works and deputy city manager. In her Public Works role, she oversees the Utilities and Transportation Divisions in coordination with Mike Gardner-Sweeney (Transportation) and Jeff Arthur (Utilities) and manages the Support Services Division. She also co-manages information and administrative resources with Jim Robertson, Director of Planning and Sustainability (P+S). The Public Works Department has a staff of 288 people, an operating budget of $78 million dollars and a capital budget of $32 million dollars.

In her role as deputy city manager, Mary Ann serves on the city manager’s executive leadership team and is focused on strengthening cross-department relationships and coordinating city-wide projects. She has strategic oversight of the following departments:  Human Services, Information Technology, Library and Arts, Municipal Court, and Parks and Recreation. 

Mary Ann has been with the City of Boulder since 1992. She served as Interim Director of Human Resources from January 2013 to April 2014. As Assistant City Manager for Organizational Development in 2012, she coordinated the internal city process to update the organization’s vision and values. Mary Ann is committed to the city’s vision, “Service excellence for an inspired future,” and fosters an environment that allows city employees to live the values and be at their best in service to the Boulder community.

Prior to that, Mary Ann held various positions in Planning and Development Services. From 2010-2011, while she was Deputy Director of Operations, she coordinated the project team for Energy Future during the initial evaluation phase of municipalization. A major effort while she was Administrative Services Manager was leading the project team for the development of SmartRegs, which requires all residential rental properties to meet basic energy efficiency standards by 2019.

Mary Ann has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Colorado-Denver. 

She is an avid reader, having participated in the same book group for 17 years, and enjoys camping and leading activities in her neighborhood.