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Boulder Civic Area Project

Boulder Civic Area Project

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Civic Area pedestrian pathway configuration changes coming Feb. 20

Upcoming Civic Area construction will require changes to pedestrian and bike routes beginning the week of Feb. 19, 2017.  These changes will impact circulation between the library, the Municipal Building, New Britain building, and Park Central building.  These changes are necessary to facilitate the completion of utility work, the removal of existing concrete, and the overal transformation to the new landscape design on the north side of the creek.

As a result of these changes, visitors to the Civic Area (and employees who work downtown) should be aware of the following changes:

  • The Civic Area construction zone footprint north of Boulder Creek will be expanded.
  • Fencing will be extended up to the Municipal Building / North Library parking lot. The existing pathway between the Municipal Building and the North Library will be closed during this phase of work.
  • The east / west pedestrian circulation through this area will be detoured to the south side of Boulder Creek using the existing pedestrian bridges and the pathway along the south side of Boulder Creek (a.ka. the Centennial Walk). Detour signs will help pedestrians navigate through the pathway changes.  
  • Detour signs will also mark the temporary pathway route to the Broadway Street and Arapahoe Avenue intersection.
  • It is anticipated that this change is will be in place through the summer of 2017.
  • Some of the parking spots now temporarily  closed will be reopening  during  the first week of April of 2017.
  • See map for details of new pathway alignments.  Click on the mage for a Printable Version of Map pdf.                                      ​

Watch live streaming of Civic Area park transformation!

Construction work on Civic Area park improvements have ramped up with the coming of the new year. Crews are working through the winter months by installing new drainage pipe, removing old concrete pathways and laying foundation footings for the new 11th Street Pedestrian Spine Bridge. You can now view live construction work by clicking on  the window below, or go to a full page live stream video of Civic Area construction. Please also watch the Boulder Channel 8 - Inside Boulder News Segment on the Civic Area Live Stream Cam

The first phase of park construction began on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016 and will continue into late 2017. To stay up to date on a weekly basis, please visit the Latest Construction Updates webpage.

PCL Construction Services, Inc. was selected as the general contractor for this phase of park construction. This project is funded through the Community, Culture and Safety  initiative. 

The city recently released a dynamic, animated fly-through video to help community members gain a greater  appreciation of how the final changes will transform the Civic Area.

Link To The CIVIC AREA Site Plan!

Visitors should expect some temporary inconveniences traveling through the park area. However, the construction sequencing will allow all buildings and many areas in the park to remain open for recreation. Pedestrian and bike paths will be temporarily rerouted around construction zones and will remain accessible except during occasional work times. Please adhere to any detours.

The city has assembled a series of maps to help visitors prepare for the upcoming parking and access configuration changes. Timetables are approximate, as the construction schedule will be weather dependent.  

Interactive Map of Civic Area

The map below denotes Civic Area focus areas. Drag your cursor over the orange dot to read the title of the focus area. Please click on the corresponding orange dot for more information. 

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Concurrent Projects that contribute to the Civic Area Project

Civic Area Civic Use Pad

Discussions are ongoing regarding the potential for a mixed-use building on the pad adjacent to the St. Julien Hotel, including a “civic use” space.

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