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Boulder Civic Area Project

Boulder Civic Area Project

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Civic Area HD Webcam offers live streaming from the construction site

You can now view live construction work by clicking on the window, or go to a full page live stream video of Civic Area construction See photos below for some still photos of the pedestrian bridge installation work from March 16, 2017.  Click on each photo for a larger view.


Special Edition Civic Area Newsletter includes updated bridge information

Click on the graphic image to see special edition March 14, 2017 Civic Area newsletter.

Information in this issue includes:

  •     Details on the new pedestrian installation March 15 to 17.
  •     How to access the new Civic Area HD Webcam.
  •     Announcement of the April 10 Central Broadway Planning Projects Open House.

Interactive Map of Civic Area

The map below denotes Civic Area focus areas. Drag your cursor over the orange dot to read the title of the focus area. Please click on the corresponding orange dot for more information. 

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Concurrent Projects that contribute to the Civic Area Project

Civic Area Civic Use Pad

Discussions are ongoing regarding the potential for a mixed-use building on the pad adjacent to the St. Julien Hotel, including a “civic use” space.

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