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Civic Area Parking Newsroom

April 2017:  Municipal Building/North Library parking lot reopens

The Municipal Building/North Library parking lot redesign is complete and is now fully open. This new design restores 18 parking spots that had been closed during construction.

Within the next week, construction crews will close the northwest corner of the Main Library (Arapahoe Avenue) parking lot. This will result in the closure of a few parking spaces. It will also slightly change vehicle circulation through the lot. The closed area will also extend south to the main Library entryway, closing the north sliding-glass door entrance only. The remaining east and south facing sliding doors will remain open throughout construction. These closures are expected to last until mid-summer or longer.

March 2017:  New pedestrian bridge to be delivered March 15 to 17; Municipal Building/North Library parking lot to be closed for 3 days

After years of public input and design, the Civic Area is about to reach a significant milestone!  Boulder's new pedestrian bridge along the Civic Area's 11 th Street Spine is expected to be installed between Wednesday, March 15 and Friday, March 17.  The new bridge is scheduled to be delivered in three large segments and will require use of one of the region's largest hydraulic cranes for installation. Once installed and open to the public later this spring, the new bridge will better connect areas on both sides of the creek, and provide a clear corridor from downtown to University Hill.

This  signature feature of the new Civic Area park design showcases steel-fabricated railings and viewing portals which allow visitors to look through the walkway to the creek below. These unique design features were inspired by ideas from local Boulder school children who participated in the community engagement efforts that date back to 2012.
To thank Boulder's youth for their contributions and enthusiasm, the Civic Area Team will provide a special Bridge-Kids Cookie, sponsored by the Bridge House Community Table Kitchen, during the Musical Story Times at the Main Boulder Public Library on Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16. Story times on these dates can be found at the  Boulder Public Library website Look for additional activities at the Library for patrons of all ages to participate in the celebrating of this milestone. 
To accommodate the safe delivery and installation of the new bridge, there will be a necessary full closure of the Municipal Building/North Library parking lot between March 15 to 17 .  Visitors are encouraged to use alternate parking areas in the Civic Area, including the Park Central, New Britain or Main Library parking lots. Parking hours and rates will remain unchanged.  Additional parking garage options   are available in downtown Boulder.
This closure also minimizes impacts to traffic flow on Canyon Boulevard. Throughout this three-day period, the existing pedestrian bridge will remain open except during the actual placement times of the new bridge. The pedestrian bridge closest to the Library will remain open throughout the entire installation and will serve as the marked, pedestrian detour route during temporary closures for the new bridge installation.  Please note that in the event of weather or high winds, the delivery and installation may be delayed into the weekend.

January 2017: Civic Area HD Webcam offers live streaming from the construction site; Views of North Library/Municipal Building parking lot

Please also watch the Boulder Channel 8 - Inside Boulder News Segment on the Civic Area Live Stream Cam


October 2016: Fly-Through Video (Click Below) Offers 3D Rendition of Civic Area & Future Parking

September 2016:  City to minimize impacts to access, parking

While construction will have short-term impacts to Civic Area visitors and downtown employees, the Civic Area Project team is working to keep the area largely accessible during the construction phase and to enhance overall access in the longer term.
"The wheels were set in motion over a year ago to study and prepare for both short-term and long-term access changes related to the Civic Area transformation," said Molly Winter, executive director of Community Vitality. "We continue to collect data about the use of the Civic Area parking lots and the results of new incentives that encourage city employees to use alternative transportation options to commute to downtown. An analysis of these studies will continue informing our future access strategies." 
Based upon the approved park design and extensive public involvement, the project team would like to remind the community that the construction will include the permanent removal of 20 spaces in the Civic Area Municipal lot. The benefit gained by the removal of these spaces helps achieve the short-term goal of allowing access for construction equipment and materials. It will also help achieve the long-term goal of increasing the safety of pedestrians and cyclists using the new park and Boulder Creek Path by creating a more enjoyable experience for visitors in the Civic Area within the renovated park area.
Many strategies have been put in place to mitigate any parking loss including long term and short term parking management enhancements in all lots, increased incentives for employees to use alternate modes for access and increased parking availability in satellite parking lots.  The team continues to monitor the effectiveness of the various strategies and listen to community concerns. The team will adapt the approach to ensure visitors and employees can be accommodated with various access options to the Civic Area, including parking. While the plan approved by City Council allows for up to 45 permanently removed parking spaces, the city will wait until further parking data is analyzed before deciding if more than the current 20 spaces need to be permanently removed. Construction may also result in some additional parking space closures for temporary equipment space needs during construction only, with those spaces to be reopened after construction. In addition, alternatives for long term vehicle and bike parking will be explored in the Civic Area bookends.  Updates will be provided to the community in the next couple of months outlining the most recent observations of the access strategies and potential refinements, including parking. 

April 2016: Civic Area parking update 

On April 4, 2016, the Boulder Civic Area team hosted an open house that included updates and early statistics on the impact of the January 2016 parking changes. For a summary of the information and preliminary findings, please click here pdf.

January 2016: Civic Area parking changes take effect

City of Boulder changes to parking in the Civic Area took effect in January 2016.



NEW! Video Segment from INSIDE BOULDER - Feb. 1, 2016

Inside Boulder- Civic Area Parking Changes Update from City of Boulder on Vimeo .


Video Segment from INSIDE BOULDER NEWS - Dec. 18, 2015

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