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Civic Area Parking Alternatives

Civic Area Parking Alternatives

Please be aware of the following additional efforts that are in place to help reduce congestion in the Civic Area:

  • The majority of the first phase of construction will occur during the winter months, which are typically the least busy times of the year for the park, with lower parking demand.
  • The Main Library, New Britain Building and Park Central parking lots, all south of Boulder Creek, will remain open for parking throughout construction.
  • Pedestrian bridge access over Boulder Creek will be maintained throughout much of construction, with some temporary closures to facilitate utility and stream bank work at the west bridge and installation of the new 11th Street bridge to the east.  Detours of the multi-use path will be well marked and communicated.
  • Additional accessible parking stalls have been installed along 11th Street, north of Canyon and adjacent to the mid-block crossing to the Municipal Building, to replace those impacted in the Municipal Building parking lot.
  • Staff will be stationed in the parking lots during the initial work days of construction to assist community members with finding parking, information and other customer needs.
  • The city is implementing additional and temporary incentives and measures to encourage city employees to utilize alternate transit and park in satellite locations to help ease the demand for parking in this central area. 

Visitors to the Civic Area should be aware that the City of Boulder also uses the same parking spaces that are available to the public.  To both keep as many parking spaces open for visitors and to mitigate potential parking challenges employees may experience from approximately late November through March 2017, the city is implementing several special temporary incentives and measures for city employees beyond those already in place. The new measures include:

  • Increasing the current Parking Cash Out (PCO) benefit from $1/day to $2/day from approximately mid-November through March 2017 (exact start and end date will be announced in the next few weeks) to encourage more employees to shift trips to other modes and reduce parking demand during Phase One construction impacts to the Municipal Building parking lot.  
  • The city will increase covered parking for city employees at the Alpine/Balsam parking structure. City vehicles will be parked on the rooftop of the structure, increasing covered parking availability for employees.
  • Under the city’s current Vanpool Recruitment and Retention Program, any individual living or working in Boulder receives a $20/month rebate on their vanpool fares with either the MyWaytoGO Vanpool program (Denver Regional Council of Governments) or the VanGO Vanpool Program (North Front Range MPO). The vanpool rebate will increase to a total of $40/month for all City of Boulder employees, not only those working in the Civic Area.  This will be an ongoing incentive (beyond just the Phase One construction).
  •  The city is currently working to expand the Eco Pass benefit to include all paid interns and part-time standard employees.

City employees who work at other sites but visit the Civic Area for work reasons, such as a meeting, are provided with the same options as the employees who work in the Civic Area to encourage the use of other transportation options and minimize the impact of parking in the Civic Area.  These options include:

  • Bus, bike, e-bike, Boulder B-Cycles, etc.;
  • Parking at a satellite location and walking, bussing or biking in;
  • Using a city vehicle; or
  • Pay for parking out of pocket.