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Climate Goal Progress


Boulder's Climate Targets and Progress

climate goals progress

​Boulder's climate goals and targets were adopted on Dec. 7, 2016 by Boulder City Council. The Climate Commitment pdf document guides city action on climate to achieve these goals; however, community climate action is also an essential component to reaching them.

Climate Commitment goal: A sustainable and resilient community that benefits from and supports clean energy; preserves and responsibly uses the Earth’s resources; and cares for thriving ecosystems.

Visit our Boulder Measures dashboard page to track our progress on our community emissions and city organizations emissions goals.  

Per the most recent GHG inventory (2016), the community has successfully reduced emissions 16% below 2005 levels. Boulder has achieved its 2020 GHG emissions reduction target three years early and, even more noteworthy, has done so during a time of economic and population growth in the city.While this is an achievement worth celebrating, closing the gap to an 80 percent reduction in communitywide emissions by the year 2050 remains a daunting goal. 

Going forward, the community must reduce its emissions by ~2.6 percent annually to meet its 2030 goal. This will require a combination of  increasing renewable energy (on rooftops and on the grid), substantially electrifying vehicles and buildings, driving less and reducing energy use and waste generation.