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Climate Mobilization Action Plan (CMAP)

Climate Mobilization Action Plan

It's time to update the community's climate action plan.

  • Climate changes are already occurring and will continue. Equity and resilience must become core design considerations integrated into all proposed strategies and actions.
  • Increased emphasis must be placed on the life cycle costs and the impacts of resource management that fall outside the city boundaries.
  • Emissions reductions alone will not be enough to stabilize climate; carbon capture and sequestration must be addressed.
  • Voluntary and behavioral change programs will not achieve the scale of change that is needed; strategies must be focused on systemic change.

We envision a community process that involves the public, non-profit, institutional and business interests.

  • Wide ownership of the community’s climate plan is vital to success
  • It’s not just about consumer choices, we need to work towards systemic change. This means that we need a holistic approach with representation from all segments of our community.
  • The city doesn’t have all the answers. Just as we have in the past, we’ll rely on community expertise and experience to help us refine what we need to do.

We envision an evolved approach to city climate action.

  • We focus on changing systems, not people
  • Cities start working more outside their boundaries
  • Progressive state and local policies

Our actions must be:

  • Bigger than our organization
  • Bigger than our boundaries
  • Replicable as broadly as possible


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July 9, 2019 City Council Study Session Materials

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