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Climate Mobilization Action Plan (CMAP)


CMAP Overview

This community-centered process will result in a new climate strategy in response to renewed climate urgency. This strategy is called the Climate Mobilization Action Plan, or CMAP. Fully addressing climate change will require immediate, system-scale action to create an equitable future, rapidly reduce emissions and accelerate technological innovation. The city sees equity and resilience as core considerations of climate programs and policies:

  • Energy Systems:  What’s the next frontier of innovation in how we power our lives through sustainable, renewable energy resources?  
  • Regenerative Ecosystems:   How can ecosystem stewardship help to recapture and drawdown carbon from the atmosphere?   
  • Circular Materials Economy:   How can we go beyond our recycle-compost-landfill approach to create a closed loop of goods and services in which nothing goes to waste?  
  • Land Use:   How do our land use decisions impact our energy use and emissions?  How can we design communities to reduce consumption of all resources?   
  • Financial Systems: How can our financial choices—where our money is invested, who provides our financial services, what types of products and services we buy—help drive innovation and rapid transition to a renewable, sustainable society?   

Connect with Others Via Our Online Resources 

  • Resource:  Boulder.Earth/CMAP : Your CMAP home base 
  • How to use it: Delve into the information provided on topics, particularly equity and resilience, as we build our shared capacity to tackle these issues. City and community leaders working in each of the focus areas will provide regular updates through this platform, and content will change, so please plan to check back frequently.  
  • Resource: Your online engagement platform 
  • How to use it : Continue to share your ideas and participate in future digital engagement activities. 

Plan to Engage In-Person, Too 

We’re planning meaningful in-person learning and engagement opportunities, led by the city and our partners. We’ll let you know about these via the email newsletter and our web pages. 

Hosting your own event? Please use the  Boulder.Earth calendar  to share the opportunity with our community. 


Learn more about the Climate Mobilization Action Plan


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