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Activity Permits

All events and personal services on University Hill and Pearl Street require permits. If you are planning any type of event, contact Lane Landrith at 303-413-7316 to ensure availability. All permits seen below need to be completed and submitted at Boulder Parking Services, 1500 Pearl Street, Suite 302, Boulder, CO.

  • There is NO permit for selling merchandise, arts & crafts, or other goods on the Pearl Street Mall or any other city property. Selling or soliciting donations for any merchandise on the Mall or any city property is prohibited.
  • Performing acoustic music, whether instrumental or vocal, is allowed and no permit is needed. Amplification is NOT allowed on the Pearl Street Mall.
  • Acoustic musical instrument performances with a duration of more than 30 minutes are implored to ambulate (move) from one block to the next for each 30-minute interval.

Ambulatory Vending Permit pdf

Ambulatory vendor means a portrait, caricature or landscape artist using non-airborne mediums, or any person who engages in the business of selling balloons, balloon sculptures, flowers or shoe shines.

Sales or services on Pearl Street Mall that must move around; not permitted for one set location.

  • These permits are for services such as caricature artists, shoe shine, flowers and balloon sales.
  • Airborne mediums, such as spray paint and airbrush paints are not permitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of permits issued.
  • Sales tax licenses are required: City and State.

Café Seating Permit pdf

Temporary outdoor seating in front of an established café or coffee shop in the downtown BID or University Hill commercial area.  Characterized by no liquor license, no table service, and all seating is removed each night.

  • General liability certificate of insurance is required, naming the City of Boulder its officials and employees as the certificate holder. Coverage minimums are 1M per occurrence and 2M aggregate. 

Entertainment Vending Permit pdf

Musicians selling recordings of their music while performing on Pearl Street Mall.

  • Must be actively performing in conjunction with sales.
  • Sales tax licenses are required: City and State

Free Speech Advocacy Gathering Request

  • An Advocacy Reservation Request is an advance notification to the City of Boulder for an advocacy group seeking to organize a public visibility event on city property or within the public right of way.
  • This reservation request process is not intended to limit any advocacy groups from exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.
  • Pearl Street Mall nonprofit advocacy outreach and fundraising must use the link found below.

Pearl Street Mall Advocacy Outreach pdf

Nonprofits seeking donations or promoting political or social causes on the Pearl Street Mall.

  • There are 22 spaces for Advocacy Permits on the Pearl Street Mall and a specific space is assigned.
  • This permit has no fee.

Personal Service Permit pdf

Psychic/Tarot, Massage, Face Painting & Henna services on Pearl Street Mall assigned to a specific location. Goods may not be displayed or exchanged/sold.

  • 8 Permits are available; each valid for 1 calendar month.
  • Locations will be awarded by lottery.
  • Cannot be used during special events that charge for vendor booth space.

Special Entertainment Permit pdf

Performance entertainment which involves stilts, fire, juggling, slack lines, unicycles, knives, hula hoops, whips, or equipment taller than 6 feet.

  • Issued for 1 calendar month.
  • General Liability certificate of insurance is required, naming the City of Boulder, its officials and employees as additional insured; certificate holder must be City of Boulder, 1500 Pearl Street, Suite 302, Boulder CO 80302
  • Sales tax license not required.