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Authorized Signer Form

City of Boulder Parking Services:  Commercial District Sponsored Employee EcoPass Program

This serves to notify each employer located in the Central Area General Improvement District (CAGID), the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District (DBBID), and the University Hill General Improvement District (UHGID) of contractual terms with RTD for issuing EcoPasses. Please note that failure to comply with all eligibility requirements may result in a financial liability and/or a loss of all EcoPass privileges to the employer for the remainder of the contract year.

  • Eligibility is limited to current employees working FULL-TIME in Downtown Boulder (“Full-time is any employee scheduled to work, on average, 25 or more hours per week, and receive all other full-time benefits”)
  • Part time, non-paid, contract, temporary, and current CU students are NOT ELIGIBLE for this Boulder Parking EcoPass.
  • The City of Boulder and RTD reserve the right to deactivate or confiscate any or all passes if it believes that the program has been misused in any way by a business or its employees.
  • The City of Boulder and RTD reserve the right to request payroll records or other information during random audits to verify any individual’s active employment and full-time Boulder work status.
  • All employers are required to immediately notify Downtown Eco Pass within 48 hours via Email at [email protected] when an employee who holds an EcoPass is separated or terminated.
  • Acceptance of a New Authorized Signers will Take 5-7 Business Days. An Email Reply from the City of Boulder will Notify the New Authorized Signer. Up to three Authorized Signers permitted.