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Hill Alley Enhancement

In 2016, an interdepartmental staff team was convened to look at the alleys of the Hill Commercial Area as an opportunity to further the goals of the city’s Access Management and Parking Strategy and Hill Reinvestment Strategy. Modeled on successful alley enhancement programs pursued in Fort Collins, CO and Longmont, CO, the University Hill Alley Enhancement Master Plan is intended to create a road map of the alleys in the Hill Commercial Area as an asset for the district, create opportunities for greater economic vitality, increase multi-modal connectivity and be a safer, more attractive place to visit. 

Phase I: Assessment of Existing Conditions
From June-August 2017, the consultants contacted local business and property owners, city staff, utility companies and other users of the alley to determine existing conditions and to begin to build a detailed base map of the alleys. In July 2017, a survey went out to the regular users of the alley to understand usage of the alley and prioritize improvements.

Alley User Survey Results pdf

Phase II: Waste Storage & Collection Strategy
In the second phase of the master planning process, the consultants developed a strategy for consolidating alley waste collection facilities, including an analysis of existing trash volumes, working with the city’s Zero Waste program to reduce trash volumes, and working with the city’s Bear-Proof Waste program to reduce accessibility to wild creatures. The draft strategy was presented to the University Hill Commercial Area Management Commission (UHCAMC) at their regular meeting in November 2017.

UHCAMC Presentation pdf

Draft Hill Commercial Alley Enhancement Plan – March 2018
The draft plan elements are currently being circulated for stakeholder feedback, including shared public-private approaches to improve night-time pedestrian safety and reduce the proliferation of non-conforming dumpsters in the public right-of-way through consolidated trash enclosures. The final plan is anticipated by summer 2018.

Draft Hill Commercial Alley Enhancement Plan pdf



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