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Community Relations

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Community Relations Mission

To protect civil and human rights, facilitate positive community relations and promote social equity policy.

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Contact Us / Contáctenos

For information about the Human Relations Fund, the Human Relations Commission, or Community Relations initiatives, contact Clay Fong at [email protected]  or 303-441-3141.

For help with wage or discrimination issues, contact Eitan Kantor at [email protected] or 303-441-4197. 

Para ayuda en español, por favor llame a Eitan Kantor al [email protected] o 303-441-4197.

Human Relations Fund

Beginning in 2017, the Human Relations Commission (HRC) began accepting applications for the Human Relations Fund (HRF). This fund replaced the Community Event Fund and the Community Impact Fund. The HRC is committed to supporting community-initiated activities that raise awareness of civil rights and human rights issues and problems in Boulder; facilitate interaction, understanding, collaboration and civic participation among diverse communities; and enable members of Boulder’s communities to celebrate events significant to them while they provide learning opportunities to the general population.

The HRC encourages funding requests from nonprofit organizations that address or provide leadership development, youth involvement and collaborations with other groups to promote inclusivity and respect for diversity.

Awards are made monthly. Only events that are planned or occur during the calendar year of their HRF funding will be considered.

Note: The HRC has allocated all 2019 funding for the Human Relations Fund. Please check back later in the year for information on 2020 funds.

For more information about the Human Relations Fund, please contact Clay Fong at [email protected] or 303-441-3141. 

Community Relations is committed to encouraging, supporting and advancing efforts which fulfill human needs and protect civil rights of the Boulder community.

Community Relations encourages interaction based on respect and understanding among the various communities that make up the Boulder population and ensures protection of rights afforded to Boulder residents by the Human Rights Ordinance, the local anti-discrimination law. Additionally, as part of Community Relations, the Office of Human Rights enforces the city's Failure to Pay Wages ordinance.

Community Relations supports Boulder's Human Relations Commission in social policy development and its role as the quasi-judicial body for resolution of Human Rights Ordinance cases, and administers small grants for community events and community impact projects.

For further information, please call us at 303-441-3141.