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Memorials and Community Vigils

Healing After the March 22 Tragedy

Community members and community groups have come together to hold vigils, memorials and other events to honor victims of this tragic mass shooting in Boulder on March 22, 2021.


Boulder City Council Declaration

On April 6, 2021, Boulder City Council issued a Declaration of Boulder Day of Remembrance to honor the victims of the March 22, 2021 tragedy.

Temporary Memorials

A temporary memorial has been established at King Soopers grocery store at 3600 Table Mesa Drive.

Both the city and The Kroger Company appreciate the meaningful recognition and heartfelt sympathies expressed by the organically created memorial on the fencby King Soopers. The fence, originally put up by the city, has been transferred to The Kroger Company. The community should expect the fence housing the memorial to evolve over time as future memorial plans are considered.

After Memorial Day, the community can expect to see tribute items removed from the temporary fence. The Museum of Boulder in partnership with the city, will gather the tribute items for cleaning and to prepare them for preservation. they will work with the victims' families to decide the best permanent home for the items. The Museum will hold these items in the public trust, acting as the protectors of these stories for the future. In the meantime, representatives from the city, volunteers and members of the Museum are conducting a weekly refresh of this area in an effort to respectfully maintain the memorial tribute.


Future Memorials

There is a citywide team working in partnership with The Kroger Company, the Museum of Boulder and other external partners to develop a short-term plan to honor the victims and a plan for a permanent memorial, taking into account the wishes of those directly impacted by the tragedy, as well as the broader community. 


Contact Noreen Walsh at [email protected] with questions about temporary and long-term memorials, memorial artwork, and volunteer support.


Attend a Vigil

A variety of vigils have, and continue to be, organized by community members to honor victims. These events are not organized by the City of Boulder, so please check local event listings for more information on these community-led virtual and in-person events. 

Host a Vigil

To host an in-person vigil, please complete the Advocacy Reservation Form. This allows the city to have situational awareness about events and determine what, if any, resources might be necessary. While the typical review timeline is five business days, the city will strive to expedite the process to meet your needs on a first-come, first-served basis. If your event takes place in a park, please follow all posted park rules .

Public Gatherings During COVID-19

The city encourages community members to support each other through this difficult time – and for some, that may mean gathering in person. If you are attending or organizing a vigil or other public gathering, be sure to follow all COVID-19 public health guidelines:


Please contact [email protected] with any vigil request or related community events.