Status of Key Council Action

Adopt Racial Equity Plan



The City of Boulder has an important role to play in welcoming, supporting and serving people of diverse backgrounds in our community and in government processes. The city’s draft racial equity outline to be released in early 2020, stems from the city’s recent work with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE). 

Through this continued work there are several components that will involve partnerships with community groups, organizations and individuals committed to ending racism in Boulder. 


  • Unanimous adoption of the Racial Equity Plan.
  • Seven out of nine Council members have completed the Bias and Microaggression Workshop.
  • Racial Equity Instrument is being applied to five Council Priority Areas.

Next Steps

  • Continue roll-out for Bias and Microaggression Training for city staff, council, boards and commissions.
  • Establish accountability mechanism for participation in Racial Equity Workshops.
  • Initiate Project focusing on Racial Equity Advancements for Boards and Commissions Recruitment Process.

Anticipated Council Action

  • Report completion of Racial Equity Workshops on the City Website.
  • Provide feedback on Boards and Commissions Project through the Racial Equity Guiding Coalition.