Status of Key Council Action

Boulder – Xcel Energy Partnership



The local power project began in 2010 to examine options that could provide Boulder residents, businesses and institutions with electricity that is increasingly clean, reliable and competitively priced while allowing for more local decision-making, control and reinvestment of revenues into the local system. The project was largely focused on municipalization as the pathway for achieving these goals and involved several litigation matters between the city and Xcel Energy.

In July, the city reached a settlement with Xcel Energy that would involve entering into a franchise agreement along with a partnership agreement facilitating the city’s participation in electrical system planning, collaboration on projects and a commitment to help achieve the city’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030. The community voted on November 3 to enter into the franchise and partnership agreement with Xcel, shelving the municipalization effort.


  • Reached settlement agreement with Xcel Energy that created new pathways to reach the city’s energy goals and halted the city’s decade-long municipalization effort.

Next Steps

  • Complete the organization and archival of municipalization documents, research and analysis that have been developed in pursuit of municipalization. The goal of the archival initiative is to ensure that, if directed to do so, staff has the ability to resurrect information in order to evaluate options should council or the community decide to opt-out of the new franchise at any one of the designated opt-out dates.
  • Implementation of the partnership agreement with Xcel Energy including starting regular meetings with the partnership executive team, project oversight team and the establishment of the partnership advisory panel.
  • Begin collaborative work with Xcel on distribution system planning, overhead to underground conversion and data transfers. Additionally, working through the project oversight team evaluate and begin work on select projects to further the city’s goals.

Anticipated Council Action

  • In February staff presented the close-out of the municipalization financial records and a new proposed budget for the extended and repurposed UOT.
  • Council will receive regular updates from staff on progress of the partnership and undergrounding efforts.