Status of Key Council Action

Adopt a Subcommunity Plan for East Boulder

Off Track: Check-in with council on July 27, 2021; Review 90% of plan by end of 2021


A Subcommunity Plan is a tool for residents, landowners, business owners, city officials and city staff that communicates expectations about the future of a subcommunity and guides decision-making about subcommunity resilience and evolution into the future. The East Boulder Subcommunity Plan will set the stage for evolution and innovation in East Boulder to achieve citywide goals and celebrate the subcommunity’s unique identity.


  • Completed Concept Development phase of work.
  • Completed Scenario Testing and Alternative Futures phase of work.
  • Over 500 community members participated in Winter Engagement Window.
  • Shared community feedback and with boards and council to inform land use iterations and preferred alternative concept.

Next Steps

  • Council review and feedback of the Community Review Draft Plan (60% Complete Draft Plan).
  • Fall Engagement Window to collect community member and boards feedback on the Community Review Draft Plan.
  • Review Community Feedback and 90% Draft Plan.

Anticipated Council Action

  • Adopt East Boulder Subcommunity Plan