Status of Key Council Action

Implement Police Oversight



Council established police oversight as a priority during the spring of 2019 as a result of community demand for improvement in civilian oversight of the Boulder Police Department (BPD). This demand was largely in response to the March 1, 2019 incident between Boulder Police and Zayd Atkinson, an incident which garnered national attention. City Council created a Police Oversight Task Force that was asked to “study different models of police department oversight boards which are comprised exclusively or largely of community members in order to determine which models or aspects of such boards are most appropriate for the city of Boulder.”

Based on the Task Force’s research, diligent analysis, and final report; council passed an ordinance to establish a hybrid auditor/monitor model with police oversight panel during the October 29, 2019 regular meeting. The work to finalize all of the operational details of this new model of oversight is continuing through 2020 and beyond with the assistance of an implementation team, comprised of Task Force Members who have volunteered to continue their service in partnership with City Manager’s Office and Police Department staff.


  • The Panel Selection Committee conducted applicant interviews in January 2021.
  • City Council voted to approve selected panel members in February 2021.
  • Police Oversight Panel members began meeting in February 2021.
  • Full implementation of panel’s case review process is underway.
  • Police policy and procedure training for panel members began in February 2021 and is occurring monthly.
  • The panel members have formed a subcommittee to develop panel by-laws and standard operating procedures.
  • The monitor released the first Police Oversight Annual Report in June 2021.

Next Steps

  • Continue training for panel members.
  • Final adoption of panel by-laws and standard operating procedures.
  • Regular publication of quarterly reports by monitor.
  • Development of outreach and communications strategy.
  • Establishment of a new online complaint portal with separate online sites to file a complaint. with either BPD’s Professional Standards Unit or the Monitor’s Office.
  • Revamping of the city’s police oversight website.

Anticipated Council Action

  • Provide feedback on the operations of the Monitor’s Office and the Police Oversight Panel.
  • Review and approve new panel members when needed.