Status of Key Council Action

Adopt Phase II of Use Tables & Standards Revisions

Off Track: On hold until project manager position is filled


The project seeks to bring the Use Table and Standards  (Chapter 9-6 Use Standards, B.R.C. 1981)  into greater alignment with the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) policies and the city’s priorities, to better enable desired development outcomes throughout the city and more effectively support the BCVP goals and outcomes by:

  • Simplifying the Use Table and streamlining the regulations where possible, making the Use Standards and Table more understandable and legible;
  • Creating more predictability and certainty in Chapter 9-6 Use Standards of the  Land Use Code;
  • Aligning the Use Table and permitted uses with the BVCP goals, policies and land use designations; and
  • Identifying community-desired land use gaps in the Use Standards and Table, and better enable desired land uses in the identified neighborhoods and in commercial/industrial districts.


  • Completed over 15 meetings with the Planning Board subcommittee and members of the public to create a list of considerations for potential code changes consistent with the goals of the project.
  • May 2020 discussion with City Council on the priority of the project where council wanted it kept on the original timeline.
  • Be Heard Boulder questionnaires developed and posted, outreach to interested groups as may be needed.
  • Continued refinement of potential code amendment options informed by feedback.
  • Use Tables & Standards Study Session - August 2020.
  • Due to loss of all but one P&DS staff member working on code changes and the volume of development review applications over the course of the last year and other code change priorities, little progress has occurred on this project.

Next Steps

  • Project has been paused due to loss of staff and work duties focused on core departmental duties.

Anticipated Council Action

  • No dates are scheduled.