Status of Key Council Action

Review Residential Speed Limit



Vision Zero Boulder is the bold goal to eliminate all severe (serious injury and fatal) traffic crashes involving people using all modes of travel. Protecting the health of our community members means addressing risky behaviors through the 4 E’s— Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and ongoing Evaluation—to design, operate and maintain a transportation system focused on travel safety.

Vision Zero employs both a location-specific and a systemwide approach that is targeted, responsive, and proactive through a transformative set of actions that prioritizes travel safety for everyone. This approach also focuses on our community’s perception of travel safety and comfort with the idea that no one should be discouraged from traveling by any mode because of fears about safety.


  • Developed and implemented evaluation and public process for residential speed limit review (20 is Plenty).
  • City Council Passed #20IsPlenty - effective June 18, the default speed limit in the City of Boulder is 20 mph and, where signed, all 25 mph speed limits on residential, local streets will be lowered to 20 mph.

Next Steps

As 2021 funding allows, evaluate the effectiveness of lowered speed limits on key residential streets designated as local and report back the findings to City leadership.

Anticipated Council Action

No additional City Council action is anticipated on this topic prior to the 2021 City Council retreat.