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2020 Ballot Issue: 2B - No Eviction Without Representation

Boulder voters will consider a variety of measures on the Nov. 3, 2020, election, including this one. Visit  election information  for a complete list of ballot measures and other information.

Ballot Language

No Eviction Without Representation

Shall the City of Boulder’s taxes be increased annually by one million, nine hundred thousand ($1,900,000.00) (first full fiscal year increase) commencing on Jan. 1, 2021, and by whatever additional amounts are raised annually thereafter from an excise tax to be paid by landlords on dwelling units with rental licenses in the amount of $75 per year, with the tax rate increasing every year thereafter at a rate that does not exceed the Colorado consumer price index on each rental license for a dwelling unit that is issued by the city;

and in connection therewith, shall all of the revenues collected be used to fund:

  • the administrative cost of the tax, and thereafter to
  • establish, run and fully fund a program to provide legal representation to tenants who face the loss of housing in eviction and administrative proceedings;
  • provide a tenant’s legal services and assistance coordinator to administer the program;
  • create a tenants’ committee comprised of five members paid a $1,000 per year stipend; and
  • provide rental assistance for persons that are vulnerable to eviction; and

shall the full proceeds of such taxes at such rates and any earnings thereon be collected, retained, and spent, as a voter-approved revenue change without limitation or condition, and without limiting the collection, retention, or spending of any other revenues or funds by the City of Boulder under Article X Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution or any other law?

For the Measure _____ Against the Measure _____ 

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Ask Questions About this Ballot Issue

This year, Boulder voters will vote on five city ballot items. For consistency and transparency, the city is answering all questions related to ballot measures through Be Heard Boulder. Use Be Heard Boulder pages to ask questions about the measures and get factual answers from city staff. City staff will answer questions submitted through Oct. 16.

Under the Fair Campaign Practices Act, the city is limited to the information we can provide during election season. We will not provide opinion or analysis, but we will provide factual information to help inform your decisions.

Access the Q&A page for ballot issue 2B - No Eviction Without Representation.