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2020 Ballot Measure: 2C - Public Service Company Franchise

Boulder voters will consider a variety of measures on the Nov. 3, 2020, election, including this one. Visit  election information  for a complete list of ballot measures and other information.

Ballot Language

Public Service Company Franchise

Shall the City of Boulder grant a franchise to Public Service Company of Colorado to furnish, sell and distribute gas and electricity to the city and to all persons, businesses, and industries within the city and the right to make reasonable use of all streets and other public places and public easements as may be necessary as described in Ordinance 8410?


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Ask questions about this ballot item

This year, Boulder voters will vote on five city ballot items. For consistency and transparency, the city is answering all questions related to ballot measures through Be Heard Boulder. Use Be Heard Boulder pages to ask questions about the measures and get factual answers from city staff. City staff will answer questions submitted through Oct. 16.

Under the Fair Campaign Practices Act, the city is limited to the information we can provide during election season. We will not provide opinion or analysis, but we will provide factual information to help inform your decisions.

Access the Q&A pages for this ballot item: 2C: Public Service Company / Xcel Energy Franchise


This item would enter the city into a new, 20-year franchise with Xcel Energy and end the city’s efforts to create a local, city-run electric utility (municipalization or Local Power).

The franchise agreement is a part of a comprehensive settlement agreement with Xcel Energy. The comprehensive settlement agreement would only go into effect if the franchise is approved by voters in the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

There are several key components to the settlement package, including opportunities for the city to exit the franchise agreement under certain conditions; clear emissions benchmarks; and a framework for innovative projects the city, Xcel Energy and the community could implement together. Learn more on the city’s settlement web page .

Implementing the proposed partnership will require significant staff work and financial resources. Council has placed another item on the ballot, a repurpose of the existing Utility Occupation Tax, to fund the partnership. If passed, item XX would repurpose fund that the city currently uses to pay for municipalization. These funds would be directed to pay for partnership projects, pilot programs and services. Learn more on the ballot item page.