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Energy Future

For information on Local Power/Municipalization, visit:

Boulder's Energy Future Targets

The city's Climate Commitment outlines several targets essential to limiting our community's contribution to global climate change. Several of these targets relate to how we produce and use energy. They are:

100 percent renewable electricity by 2030

How we produce energy--whether we burn coal or natural gas, or generate power from natural sources like the sun, water and wind--makes a big difference in our community's carbon footprint. In order to limit this impact, the city seeks to achieve 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

Local Renewable Generation

Local Generation Targets
Year 2015 2020 2030 2050
Target 30 MW 50 MW 100 MW 175 MW

In addition to the renewable energy target, the city has also set  targets for renewable generation within city limits. This will ensure that our community can realize the economic and reslilience benefits of local investments in solar and hydroelectricity. 

Energy Future Goals

We're working to build an energy future that is clean, local, reliable, secure and provides value.

  • Renewable: The community will rapidly decrease its dependence on fossil fuels as an energy source, supporting efficient and electrified buildings and vehicles.
  • Local: Boulder will host a robust energy economy, with more control over its energy supply, investments, and services, that meets the needs and expectations of its diverse community.
  • Accessible: Competitively valued energy and technology solutions will serve and help improve the lives of all community members.
  • Reliable and Secure: The energy supply will be stable, resilient, safe and protected against threats.


Energy Programs and Strategies

The city has a variety of programs and strategies to achieve the community's clean energy goals. Use the drop-down menu below to learn about them.

Local Power is the city's effort to bring clean, local, affordable and reliable electricity to the community by developing a community-owned local electric utility. 

This project, also referred to as municipalization or Local Electric Utility Development, is a key component of the city's Energy Future strategy, as well as the city's Climate Commitment.

Learn more on the city's Local Power page

In communities around the world people are increasingly tapping into one of our most abundant, clean, and affordable    natural resources   : the sun. There are numerous environmental and financial benefits of solar energy, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions, managing energy costs, creating local jobs, and helping achieve greater energy independence. The City of Boulder is committed to sustainability, and with over 300 days of sunshine per year, our sunny locale is the perfect place to take advantage of all that solar has to offer. As of 2018, Boulder has 27 MW of local solar installed.

The city has created several programs and policies designed to make our community's building stock more energy efficient. This effort means that we use less energy, no matter how it's created. 

  • Boulder Building Performance   An ordinance to reduce energy use and improve the quality of Boulder’s commercial and industrial building stock by requiring rating and reporting (R&R) and energy efficiency measures.
  • EnergySmart   A program that provides free and discounted energy efficiency advising services and rebates to residents and businesses.
  • Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE)   A business sustainability advising service that provides free technical support to Boulder businesses and helps them achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Energy Conservation Code  Energy and sustainability code requirements for new construction, additions and building renovations.
  • SmartRegs   A series of ordinances that supports tenant comfort and reduced energy waste by requiring all rental housing to meet a basic energy efficiency standard by Dec. 31, 2018.
  • Efficiency Requirements for Marijuana Businesses   Licensed    medical marijuana    and    recreational marijuana    facilities are required to report their energy usage to the city    and offset 100 percent of their electricity use.    A new    Energy Impact Offset Fund    option will help the city fund increased local renewable energy and keep revenue local. 
  • Energy loans from Elevations Credit Union  Low interest loans to make energy upgrades for your home or business.

The City of Boulder is committed to promoting electric vehicle usage and charging stations.

The city's Legislative Agenda includes several items related to climate and energy. The city works with partners across the state, region and globe to support efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase use of renewables. 


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