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Communications & Engagement Working Group

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Communications and Engagement Working Group

Scope of Work


Based on direction from Boulder City Council in November 2017, the city has formed nan Energy Future Communications and Engagement Working Group.

The formation of the group is in response to community feedback calling for improved communication and engagement about the topic of a local electric utility and other efforts to reach the community’s climate and energy goals. The working group would provide input to staff about engaging a broad cross-section of the community during the next phase of work.


The working group will be asked to deliver recommendations, including:

  • Providing feedback about what has and has not worked in terms of communications and engagement related to the city’s Energy Future work.
  • Brainstorming ways to engage the community to better understand the potential benefits and challenges of a local electric utility.
  • Identifying engagement methods that will leverage community interest and the power of collaborative thinking to continue to explore other climate strategies and perhaps identify new approaches or work through barriers the city has encountered.
  • Providing recommendations for improving ongoing communication about the city’s climate work both generally and specific to municipalization so community members better understand the progress of related projects.

Staff will use the working group’s input to produce, confirm and implement an engagement plan for the project. Implementation of this plan will begin in June 2018. 


Working group members will be asked to provide collaborative, consensus-based recommendations to the staff about methods and mediums for reaching and engaging the community. If consensus cannot be reached, the level of agreement on recommendations will be briefly described. Staff will also participate in the group to provide subject matter expertise and general support to the group.

Some, or all, of the meetings will be facilitated by an independent consultant who will also help craft the overall program of the working group.

City staff will make final decisions about which engagement methods to include in the engagement plan based on working group input, staff expertise and available resources.

Expectations and Commitment

The city is seeking a broad spectrum of individuals with varying perspectives, including business representatives; neutral, pro-and anti-municipalization interests; institutional partners; and new faces and voices. Working group members will be expected to:

  • Attend five group meetings from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on the following dates:
    •  Thursday, Feb. 22 (1777 Broadway, Council Chambers)
    • Thursday, March 1 (5660 Sioux Drive, East Boulder Community Center, Flagstaff Room)
    • Thursday, March 22 (1777 Broadway, Council Chambers)
    • Thursday, April 12
    • Thursday, April 26
    • (There is a possibility of a sixth meeting, if the group decides it is necessary. It would be scheduled for a Thursday in May)
  • Commit to reviewing materials prior to committee meetings, i.e., technical documents, background information and meeting notes (estimated at 3 hours/month).
  • Participate fully in “homework” assignments, including interviewing other community members to better understand their perspectives and gather ideas.
  • Engage in a shared and constructive dialogue with other members of the committee.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to collaborate and work toward positive outcomes.
  • Be prepared to offer a written report of recommendations by the end of May 2018.


The working group has 17 community members:

  • Katie Browning
  • Mike Chiropolos
  • Regina Cowles
  • Peter Curtiss
  • Ann Hodgson
  • Charles Hoffman
  • Carol Kauder
  • Magnolia Landa Posas
  • Cate Lawrence
  • Emma Marion
  • Patrick Murphy
  • David Paranka
  • Kenneth Roberge
  • Leah Sprain
  • David Takahashi
  • William Truesdell
  • Julie Zahniser 

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