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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Learn about the history of the Energy Future project.

Budget & Funding

Questions about budget, costs and funding? We have answers.

Charter Requirements & Analysis

Curious about whether the city can meet the requirements in the City of Boulder Charter for renewables, rates, reliability, etc.? Check out our analysis and the third party independent review that checked our work.

Incorrect Statements by Xcel Energy

Have you read statements that seem off? Heard some "facts" that don't fit? Learn the truth and get the data to back it up.

Municipalization and Solar Energy

Wondering what will happen to your existing solar contracts with Xcel Energy? Whether now is a good time to invest in solar if the city might municipalize? We love that you love solar and the city is committed to keeping solar customers whole.

Pending Legal Cases & Lawsuits

Wondering what's going on at the Colorado Public Utility Commission (PUC) or Boulder County District Court? We've got you covered.


The most important job of any electric utility is keeping the lights on. We're working hard to make sure a city-owned and operated electric utility would be just as reliable as what we have now - and hopefully more reliable over time.

Service Area & Out of City Customers

Do you live in Boulder county and wonder if a City of Boulder electric utility would serve you? Want to know the proposed acquisition area? We've got the latest.

Valmont Station

Interested in finding out if the city is going to buy the Valmont Generating Station? Want to know when it's scheduled to shut down? Spoilers: the city is NOT buying Valmont and the coal-powered unit is shutting down in 2017!

Xcel's Carbon Intensive Fuel Supply

Wondering why we describe Boulder's power supply through current investor-owned utility Xcel Energy as one of the most "carbon intensive" in the United States? Because it is! See the facts and check the sources here.

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