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The Energy Future Team

The Energy Future team is composed of an interdepartmental crew of city staff, expert consultants brought in on an as-needed basis, and community volunteers on a variety of working groups.


The Energy Future Project requires significant expertise in many areas, including electrical grids, energy sources, financial management, and legal advice. The city has retained highly experienced consulting firms to advise the city and help the project team determine the best path for securing clean, local, reliable, low-cost energy.


City of Boulder staff in the Department of Energy Strategy and Electric Utility Development work full-time on the Energy Future project. There are also city attorneys dedicated to the legal aspects of the project. Various other city staff assist, including financial, engineering, energy efficiency and policy experts.

Working Groups

The Energy Future Project began thanks in large part due to the tireless efforts of dedicated community members. The Boulder community has stayed engaged over the years and provided countless volunteer hours on our working groups.


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