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Reliability and Safety Working Group

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Reliability and Safety Working Group II

The Reliability and Safety Working Group will assist city staff in reviewing best practices for operating and maintaining the power delivery system on the first day a local electric utility would operate and beyond. The Working Group will consist of customer stakeholders and industry experts who meet regularly to provide feedback to the city energy team.


One of the criteria of Section 198 of the Charter is that the city would provide reliable electric power as set forth in the Charter metrics. Given the importance of this issue, a separate analysis and working group was formed to address questions about reliability. Specialized engineers were hired to evaluate the system and its condition, provide recommendations on needed improvements, identify regulatory reliability requirements, and recommend best practices to ensure reliable electrical service.

Reliability is a term used to describe the level of uninterrupted service an electric power utility provides. Reliability depends on a combination of the quality of the physical infrastructure as well as the ability of the utility to control the system and respond to failures. Certain elements of reliability are governed by federal and regional regulations.


Key questions that will be addressed by the Working Group include:

  • What are the reliability expectations and desires of residential, business and institutional customers? Should special reliability zones be considered for customers with high reliability needs?
  • What are best practices for on-going administration, operation, maintenance, monitoring, control, dispatch, project management, customer service and response procedures to assure reliable and safe electrical service?
  • How should distributed generation, demand management, growth and redevelopment be accommodated and managed to assure reliability and safety?
  • What quality of service benchmarks should be considered?
  • How should existing city policies and procedures be adapted or supplemented to achieve industry best practices? 


The group will meet monthly (could be more frequent depending on group needs) from February to December 2015 .

Work Products

Work products will be posted as soon as they are available. 

Meeting Notes

Working Group Members

Community Members

Pete Baston - CEO at Ideas 4 Pursuit of Excellence
David Caldera - Facilities Engineering Manager with Lockheed Martin
Leslie Glustrom - Director of Research and Policy at Clean Energy Action
Lynn Harrahy - Utility and Energy Services Business Support Specialist at CU Boulder
Jim Look - Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory Committee
Don Price - Retired from Navigant Consulting
Reliability and Safety Working Group Member Bios pdf

City of Boulder Staff

Heather Bailey - Executive Director of Energy Strategy and Electric Utility Development
Bob Harberg - Principal Engineer and Project Manager for Electric Utility Development 
Lisa Smith - Communication Specialist

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