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Halloween Drive-In Movies 10/28/2021 22:30 10/28/2021 18:15 America/Denver <p class="address" translate="no"><span class="locality">Boulder</span>, <span class="administrative-area">CO</span><br> <span class="country">United States</span></p> MM/DD/YYYY CONFIRMED OPAQUE

Who likes Halloween movies? You like Halloween movies! How about two nights of Halloween double features at Flatirons Golf Course? Here’s the lineup:

  • Oct. 28 – “Musical Thursday” with The Nightmare Before Christmas SOLD OUT (6:15 p.m.) and Little Shop of Horrors (8:15 p.m.)
  • Oct. 29 – “Monster Friday” with Monsters, Inc. SOLD OUT (6:15 p.m.) and Gremlins (8:15 p.m.)