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Child Care Subsidies - Gap

If your family is enrolled in CCCAP, your provider is receiving the CCCAP reimbursement rate which is lower than the market rate. The “gap” between the market rate and the CCCAP reimbursement makes it difficult to serve CCCAP children.

The cities of Boulder and Longmont provide funding so that the Child Care Subsidy and Referral Program (CCSR) can pay your child care provider the difference between the amount that CCCAP pays, and the average market rate for child care. The Gap subsidy was designed to help improve the availability of child care for your children. While you won’t see any direct financial benefit, you may find that providers are willing to accept CCCAP children when they know they will receive the Gap payment. Gap subsidies are contingent on available funds.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be on CCCAP to be eligible for the Gap program
  • You must live in the City of Boulder or Longmont

What do you need to apply for Gap?

  • Completed application
  • Proof of residency in the City of Boulder or Longmont: a copy of recent telephone bill, lease or other public service
  • A copy of your current CCCAP Certificate
  • Mail the information to:

Child Care Subsidy and Referral Program
2160 Spruce St.
Boulder, CO 80302

When we have received these materials, we will make arrangements for the Gap payment to your provider (contingent on available funds). 

Once you are enrolled…

  • Your provider is going to start receiving a monthly check from the CCSR program, the “gap” between CCCAP reimbursement and the market rate. The Gap payment is made directly to your child care provider.
  • You are still responsible for paying the CCCAP parental fee directly to the provider.
  • Your authorization for the Gap program will begin the first day of the month in which you are enrolled on the program.
  • You will be authorized for the program for the same period of time that you are authorized for CCCAP.
  • Each time you enroll or re-certify with the Gap program, you will receive a new Payment Certificate that lists your child’s name, the child care provider, the amount we will pay to the child care provider, and the dates you are eligible for the program. Please keep this Payment Certificate for your records.
  • You are responsible for notifying the CCSR program within 30 days of any changes to your circumstances such as new address, new telephone number, changes on your eligibility for CCCAP, new child care provider, or different child care schedule. Failure to inform the program of these changes can result in dis-enrollment from the program.

For more information call 303-441-3544 or email [email protected]